Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Strikes & Striking

Strikes an Striking

            The act of withdrawing labour as a means of protesting over work or pay related issues!


            What is the point of withdrawing labour in protest when it only serves to harm you and those around you?

Perhaps your employer is not the issue and by withdrawing labour or inhibiting and restricting them you harm yourself by undermining that business, body or service all of which damages and compromise you in both the short and long term. Additionally to this does it highlight and expose state, system or administrative failures within the modern environment when that system, state or body really doesn’t care?

            Clearly the issue is not about withdrawing labour it is about protesting in such a way as to demonstrate the measure of your disapproval over work related and/or pay conditions all of which affect thereby impact upon your every day standard of living and quality of life (the result of which is all too apparent).

Perhaps the issues are less about what we assume they are about and more to do with other issues which we are dismissing since we fail to see them therefore we are oblivious to their existence. Within the above clearly we exist within a world where beurocracy has gone mad with governments exceeding their mandates by dabbling in and manipulating the financial institutions and markets for both profit and control. The result of which through state legislation and controls inhibits free enterprise by restricting sales, growth and profit; all these things impact upon you by undermining a companies ability to provide long term job security and stability within the environment (both local and national).
Compounding this issue is the fact that government who are paid by the public and cannot balance these funds extorts ever increasing amounts off Individuals, Business and Industry inhibiting and restricting both people and these companies from success or long term survival all of which impact upon the individual within society (with them forming and being representative of the public).

So perhaps the issue is less to do with the protest itself but the manner within which we protest. Clearly withdrawing labour and inhibiting or restricting others is a failure upon our part since we are damaging the local economy which compromises us in return.


Are the reasons for ‘Striking’ related to the ‘Provision of Lawful Service’ upon the part of the ‘State’?

Do we employ the ‘State’ to provide us with ‘Lawful Service’?

If so and you can establish through ‘Lawful Argumentation’ based upon ‘Reason and Reasonability’ perhaps the issue is less to do with ‘Withdrawing Labour’ and more to do with ‘Withdrawing Funding’ through the ‘Supplementation of Taxation’?

Read the ‘Common Contract’ and try to understand the ‘Issues’ since we ‘All employ our Governments to Provide us with Lawful Service’; establishing the ‘Failure’ is less to do with ‘Proof’ and more to do with ‘Volume of Disapproval’.

Clearly if both ‘Employers and Employee’ (Company and Individual/s) withdrew ‘Tax’ in protest by ‘Refusing’ to ‘Collect and Pay’ (add tax to the price of goods or pay tax on top of the actual cost of purchasing those goods) then this would impact upon ‘Government’ by A/ ‘Highlighting Public Disapproval’; B/ Exposing the seriousness of the issue and C/ Restricting Government through ‘Financial Reprimands’.

Would any of this be ‘Legal’ well there is an argument in relation to ‘Lawful Service’ and whether or not you can prove to the satisfaction of a court of law that you have been ‘Denied Lawful Service’ through a failure upon the ‘part of the State’ to ‘Deliver what they are Bound in law to Provide’.

It should be ‘Noted’ that any ‘Issues’ arising from ‘Prejudice’ within the ‘Process of Law’ and upon the part of the ‘Judge’ would invalidate the ‘System’ with this being arguable as ‘System failure through Prejudice against the Public’  which besides being a ‘Critical failure’ could be construed as being ‘State treason or State Crime’.

Ultimately you pay for ‘Lawful Service’ and any person, body or agency’ whom are engaged by you (Public, State or Other) are bound within the law to provide you with a ‘Non prejudicial, Legitimate and Lawful Service’ which should be commenced and completed to the best of their ability.

So perhaps ‘Withdrawing Labour’ is a ‘Futile gesture’ when ‘Withdrawing your Money’ is a more apt ‘Response’ – Understand something ‘Taxation’ is only ‘Lawful’ for as long as ‘The Government’ whom are ‘Your Employee’ provide you with ‘Lawful Service’.

(Tax is after all Your Money NOT theirs).

Please note that within the above I do not promote or encourage Dissidence on any level but am attempting to Clarify  an Issues of law which relates directly to public concerns; I personally do not approve of any Illegal or unlawful Action.

For ‘Clarification I wish to Attest’ that there is at least one division of ‘Government’ whom do indeed provide the ‘Public’ with ‘lawful Service’ these being ‘Local Government’ who only approach the ‘Public for Funding’ because the ‘National Government are abusing our Resources’. Within this it is fair to state that the ‘Local Government provide All the Services they are Contracted to Provide’ and of all the ‘Authorities the ‘Public’ should make ‘Every Effort to Support this Aspect of our State’.

Within the Nature of the Above Please be Aware that Tax is a Percentage of Your Money (Wages, Earnings or Profits) with this being the Individual in Society (Public) which is then reinterpreted and being called Revenue. These Moneys take as tax represent and are proportional to the property of each and every individual whom contributes towards funding a State through the supplementation of Taxation. None of these Moneys are the Property of Any Member of Government or that Government itself that to include Any System; these are the Publics Moneys and if the Public is Denied, Inhibited or Restricted from Receiving Lawful Service they have a Lawful Right to Refrain from and/or Withdraw Funding through the Supplementation of taxation and/or Funding to a State or Governmental Body until Lawful Service is Received, Applied and Provided.

To infer different is to imply Abuse which would undermine the Legitimacy of the State, the Government and the Law.

“A Sentient Mind is a Wonderful and Rare Thing”

Christopher ©15th May 2012

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