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God v/s Lucifer

            GOD                                                           LUCIFER
/I\ – ALLAH - JAHOVAH                             (SATAN – BEHELZEBUB – The DEVIL)
                                                                 Yes you guessed it –that ‘Guy’ the ‘elusive one’.

Good                                      v/s                               Evil

            Honesty                                 v/s                               Dishonesty

Justice                                   v/s                               Injustice

Defender                                v/s                               Perpetrator   

Hero                                      v/s                               Traitor

Human being                          v/s                               Beast

Intelligence                            v/s                               Ignorance and Prejudice

Enquiring                               v/s                               Assuming 

Integrity                                 v/s                               Corruption

Actuality                                 v/s                              Perversion

Truth                                      v/s                              Distortion

            Statesman                              v/s                             Politician

Within the above are represented the differences between what we perceive as being ‘GOOD’ verses ‘EVIL’.

I have projected it this way so as to highlight the differences between an ‘Honest Statesman’ whom serves and represents his constituents lawfully through the provision of ‘Lawful Service’ with this being in ‘Opposition’ to that thing ‘Deranged’ – YES! I do mean a ‘Politician’ who embraces and projects the entire list of ‘Negative’ (-) traits; within this he or she expresses themselves through the ‘Satanic Arts’ of ‘Perversion, Distortion, Persuasion, Deceit, Treachery’ and ‘Corruption’.

Within the above and I have to be honest since if both the ‘Son of God’ (Krishna called Christopher) and the ‘Son of Lucifer’ (Anton Iblic) came to Earth and were amongst us right now, one pursuing his aim towards ‘World Order’ through the ‘Abuse of Law’ culminating in the ‘Enslavement of Humanity’.

The other being here to ‘Redeem Humanity’ by separating the ‘Wheat’ from the ‘Chaff’ (Good from Bad) as in those people who believe in and recognise both him and God and whom are called the ‘Faithful’ from those who don’t; with him pursuing the ‘Beast’ through the establishment and presentation of both the ‘Truth & Justice’ for all.

This after all is the battle between Good and Evil, Right versus Wrong and Legitimacy versus Corruption - Truth or Lies.

Within this it occurs to me that ‘No Legitimate son of God’ is going to ‘Absolve Humanity for the Sins of the Past’ so he will ‘Judge them upon their actions’ and upon what they ‘Endorse through those actions along with that Presence’. Within this ‘You become Trapped’ upon the ‘Place’ upon which you ‘Stand’ and surrounded by the ‘Deeds, Actions’ and ‘Crimes’ of both ‘Yourselves’ and ‘Others’ with the ‘Son of God’ both ‘Witnessing, Seeing and Experiencing’ what you and those who came before you have done -  Arm’ag Edon being the place upon which you stand before ‘God’ – thus you are ‘Judged’ upon what you ‘Sanction, Endorse’ and ‘Support’ through your ‘Presence’ (Aiding and Abetting all be it after the fact).

Clearly if he cannot ‘Absolve you’ he can ‘Redeem you’ by making you ‘Aware’ of where and what you stand upon; within this ‘You’ could stand upon your ‘DNA’ through the ‘Male Gene’ (Father to Son) as ‘God intended’ thus ‘Identifying You’ to the ‘Ground upon which you Stand before God and as he Intended’ thereby re-forming ‘Gods Nations’ and more importantly ‘Separating Yourself’ from the ‘Crimes of the Past’ which would ultimately ‘Free you from Sin’.

“Absolution not forthcoming and Redemption Hard Earned you will have to do this on your own thus establishing Faithfulness and Innocence”
(Recognising the issues and the Problem is half the Battle).

‘No Country on Earth’ nor any ‘Lawful System or State’ can Deny you the Right in Law to Stand upon the Male Gene within your DNA since this Identifies you to both to the Earth you stand upon and to God who Made and Marked you when he Placed you there. In fact your DNA attests to this Non Disputable Fact which is why the Beast has to perpetually find ways of standing upon the Usurpation of a Woman’s DNA through Deceit – they cannot stand like Men.

There is a Lawful argument here with you being able to litigate through Lawful Processes so as to Attain lawful Status upon your DNA allocating for the Displacement of those who Oppose God through the Terror of Atrocity – Crime and Conquest – God made everyone Equal and No Person on Earth has or had any right in Law to Harm, Violate, Annihilate or Displace the Indigenous.

Within this it is fair to state that the ‘Anti-Christ’ will want to save the souls of those he has ‘Tainted in his favour’ since these souls support ‘Lucifer’ and being immersed within the ‘Arts of Politics’ and the ‘Violation or Exploitation of Innocence’; think of it as ‘Parasitical Politics’ preying on people along with the youth of today.

So I am curious: who’s the good guy?

The son of ‘God’ will stand upon the ‘Truth in all Actuality’ and expressing it in that way whilst attempting to ‘Expose Politics’ through the establishment of ‘Legitimacy within the Law’ therefore ‘Justice without Prejudice’ via the ‘Truth’. He will want ‘Humanity’ to evolve on a ‘Sentient Level’ through the ‘Expression of Understanding’; he will project a scientific point of view and will want humanity to go into space as a species that can express the measure of their ‘Humanity’ and seeing this as ‘Strength’. He will want space to be ‘Free’ and ‘Unrestricted’ with the ‘Military’ standing the way defenders should stand and not ‘Restricting’ or ‘Inhibiting Human Evolution’; within this the ‘Ambition’ will be to find ‘Allies’ thereby gain ‘Strength’ and ‘Technology’ through ‘Mutual Interests and Trade’.

Within the above the son of God will judge every person whom stands other than where God placed them upon the Crimes that have been committed; recognizing that each and every person is equally guilty of supporting and endorsing those crimes just so that they can occupy another persons place. Where as the son of Lucifer will be defending all those standing where he has directed and driven them as having the right to stand where ever they like and within this dismissing the rights of others.

The son of Lucifer (Perpetrator) will argue that the world belongs to everyone and that every person on earth has the right to stand wherever they like however how does this impact upon the rights of others?

Clearly it does violate and dismiss the rights of those who stood there before you as having no right in law whilst those seeking to stand wherever they like violating the rights of those who are displaced and that is neither reasonable nor fair (Defender).

If you do not have the right to retain something what is the point of producing anything?

The son of ‘Lucifer’ who will be relentless in his pursuit towards achieving his ambition of a ‘New Tower of Babel’ and ‘World Order’, all built upon ‘Politics’. Never the less he must within his ambition perceive a way of ‘saving his beasts’ and ‘Servants’ because from the moment the son of ‘God’ arrives everything will start to swing against him “won’t it!”

He will also be pursuing ‘Space Exploration’ only through ‘Restriction’ and ‘Control’ with ‘Humanity’ being ‘Driven’ and ‘Directed’ as a ‘Species’ through ‘Regulation, Restriction, Desperation’ and ‘Poverty’. Within this the ‘Worlds Population’ will be ‘Exploited’ and directed against ‘Other Species’ in order to ‘Steal’ their ‘Technologies, Resources’ and ‘Territories’. It is clear that ‘History’ defines the ‘Beast’ for ‘Whom’ and ‘What he is’ through the ‘Actions of the Past’ and within this ‘Time Repeats Itself’ with a ‘Beast Expressing Terror and Atrocity’ through his ‘Ambitions’ and his ‘Actions’.

In the ‘Imminent Future’ the only thing that will have changed will be the ‘Scale’ of the ‘Crime’ as the ‘Beast’ aspires to ‘Legitimate’ through the ‘Perversion of Law’ and ‘Instigation’ with this resulting and attesting to the ‘Depth of his Hatred’ and the measure of his ‘Contempt for the Lives of others’; (he will find a foe worthy of himself).

It is fair to argue that perhaps he perceives that by ‘Corrupting Everyone’ into following and endorsing him, he imagines ‘God will be merciful’ and within this it would make sense to convince every person on earth that ‘Multiculturalism’ was the way forward with this giving rise to a ‘Unilateral State’. However for it to be a ‘Multicultural World’ every ‘Nation, Border, Boundary’ along with those ‘Nations Identities, Laws, Rules, Regulations and Governing Bodies’ would have to be ‘Dissolved’ in favour of a ‘Multicultural Universal State’.

“In a dark void find the illumination within yourself; light that Spark since this like Reason illuminates the Dark space”.

The Problem here is ‘Human Rights’ coupled with ‘Freedom’ and ‘Democracy’ since it is only fair to argue that ‘Any Legitimate Governing Body’ would be ‘Elected into Existence’ after the ‘Dissolution of Nations’ thereby ensuring a ‘World Government represented the World’. Additionally it would be ‘Illegal’ for any ‘Minority Group’ from within any Individual State or ‘Mergence of States’ to force their ‘Self Projected Laws, Rules and Regulations’ upon people who have not elected them into place.

Compounding this any ‘Multicultural Perception’ involves ‘Multicultural Recognition’ therefore it would be ‘Illegal’ to retain ‘National Identities’ and ‘State Sovereignties’ under these circumstances. The ‘European Parliament’ does not represent the ‘Worlds Population’ nor do the ‘Laws’ it argues or reasons into place since none of these ‘Laws’ transcend ‘Cultural Boundaries’ also the ‘European Government’ was not elected by the ‘Worlds Population’ it is therefore not representative of the world.

Realistically and in order to achieve ‘World Order’ the ‘Anti-Christ’ would have to ‘Weaken and Impoverish’ his ‘Opponent’ by ‘Manipulating Law’ and ‘Usurping’ a multiple of ‘Nations Resources’ this would then give him a ‘Platform’ upon which to ‘Dominate’ and ‘Direct or Control’ other ‘Weaker Individual Nations’. All of this will result in ‘Hardship, Impoverishment’ and ‘Suffering’ for the ‘Every day Person’; the ‘Object of the Anti-Christ’ here being to ‘Control’ the ‘Worlds Resources’ thereby ‘Controlling the World’.

Clearly we are entering a ‘Critical and Crucial Time’ within this aspect of his ‘Scheme’ and the ‘Foundations’ are already starting to ‘Crumble’ whereas the ‘Tower’ itself has held ‘Cracks from the Outset’ (you wouldn’t want to be trapped inside would you).

Now you are probably wondering what the ‘Son of God’ would be doing in relation to all this; and my guess is that he would be ‘Deeply Concerned’ over the levels of ‘Impoverishment, Hardship, and Suffering’ people are enduring under all the  ‘Financial and Political Restrictions’. Additionally he is probably applying his mind to this very ‘Issue’ and within this ‘I would Suggest’ that perhaps a ‘Sentient Mind’ may argue for the ‘People’‘Lawful Service’ with any ‘Failure’ upon the ‘Part of the State’ to provide the ‘Public’ with ‘Lawful Service’ releasing said ‘Public’ from any and all lawful obligation to ‘Support a State’. Clearly oppressing people beneath the heel of the ‘Satanic Boot’ is a ‘Crime’ as is any form of ‘Oppression and Persecution’ and this is the ‘Point’:

“There has to be Legitimacy within the Law with Actuality being the Actual Truth neither Distorted nor Perverted” and within this ‘You do Pay for the Truth and for the provision of a Safe State where upon and within you may abide Lawfully’ don’t you?

“We walk through shadows every day"

Christopher © 27/05/2012 (All Rights reserved)

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