Monday, 28 May 2012

A point of Prejudice

            So what if you wanted to make a legitimate argument but didn’t want to outright offend your opponent which would ultimately result within physical or untimely conflict? Conceivably it is arguable that how you interpret information is subjective to how you stand or read that information given your unique perspective. Additionally it may be fair to argue that how you transfer or relate this information to others impacts upon how they perceive that knowledge.
            Realistically serious matters would need to be dealt with delicately and within this it may be required to project the information in such a manner as to cast doubt upon your own credibility. Within this you take the ‘Hit’ however that does not deject the ‘relevance of the argument’ with the information continuing to be transmitted whilst at the same time ‘Defusing’ or ‘Disarming’ your opponent.

            So at one time I was standing far away and now I am a little bit closer to my objective!

            Within the above statement I have an argument: What if I wanted to highlight ‘State Crime’ and in doing so bring ‘Senior Politicians’ to ‘Justice’ by making them ‘Accountable’ using the law but didn’t want to wake up one day with ‘five Bullets in My forehead’. Clearly the arguments would have to be ‘Managed’ and ‘Projected’ in such a manner that they allowed the ‘Politicians’ and the ‘State’ an opportunity to ‘Dismiss my Arguments’ through means of ‘Prejudice’.

But that does not detract anything away from the argument does it?

So what if all the references to ‘Religion’ and ‘God’ were purposefully included within all my arguments with this being done deliberately in order to discredit myself to some degree, ‘but not entirely’. This projection of ‘Religion’ allows my ‘Opponent’ to dismiss me on those grounds however it also allows my ‘Arguments’ to continue uninterrupted since they like myself are not taken ‘Seriously’.

So what if we removed all the ‘Religious Implications’ from my arguments to date then ask the question: how would these arguments and issues now stand up to scrutiny in relation to rationality and the law?

            Argumentative isn’t it.

Never the less the fundamental points throughout are applicative with these relating to ‘Legitimacy within the Law’, ‘Lawful Service’ and the ‘Truth in all actuality’ (Not Distorted nor Perverted).

So whilst I am sitting here flicking grains of sand into the pond of life and watching the ripples I am wondering what happens when I flick a ‘Pebble’ in;  additionally am I standing here upon issues relating to ‘God’ and ‘Religion’ or am I standing here upon the ‘Plinth of Law’ – which is ‘Justice’. Retrospectively speaking how would you stand to project yourself within the argument?

Christopher © 28/05/2012 (All Rights reserved)

Sunday, 27 May 2012

God v/s Lucifer

            GOD                                                           LUCIFER
/I\ – ALLAH - JAHOVAH                             (SATAN – BEHELZEBUB – The DEVIL)
                                                                 Yes you guessed it –that ‘Guy’ the ‘elusive one’.

Good                                      v/s                               Evil

            Honesty                                 v/s                               Dishonesty

Justice                                   v/s                               Injustice

Defender                                v/s                               Perpetrator   

Hero                                      v/s                               Traitor

Human being                          v/s                               Beast

Intelligence                            v/s                               Ignorance and Prejudice

Enquiring                               v/s                               Assuming 

Integrity                                 v/s                               Corruption

Actuality                                 v/s                              Perversion

Truth                                      v/s                              Distortion

            Statesman                              v/s                             Politician

Within the above are represented the differences between what we perceive as being ‘GOOD’ verses ‘EVIL’.

I have projected it this way so as to highlight the differences between an ‘Honest Statesman’ whom serves and represents his constituents lawfully through the provision of ‘Lawful Service’ with this being in ‘Opposition’ to that thing ‘Deranged’ – YES! I do mean a ‘Politician’ who embraces and projects the entire list of ‘Negative’ (-) traits; within this he or she expresses themselves through the ‘Satanic Arts’ of ‘Perversion, Distortion, Persuasion, Deceit, Treachery’ and ‘Corruption’.

Within the above and I have to be honest since if both the ‘Son of God’ (Krishna called Christopher) and the ‘Son of Lucifer’ (Anton Iblic) came to Earth and were amongst us right now, one pursuing his aim towards ‘World Order’ through the ‘Abuse of Law’ culminating in the ‘Enslavement of Humanity’.

The other being here to ‘Redeem Humanity’ by separating the ‘Wheat’ from the ‘Chaff’ (Good from Bad) as in those people who believe in and recognise both him and God and whom are called the ‘Faithful’ from those who don’t; with him pursuing the ‘Beast’ through the establishment and presentation of both the ‘Truth & Justice’ for all.

This after all is the battle between Good and Evil, Right versus Wrong and Legitimacy versus Corruption - Truth or Lies.

Within this it occurs to me that ‘No Legitimate son of God’ is going to ‘Absolve Humanity for the Sins of the Past’ so he will ‘Judge them upon their actions’ and upon what they ‘Endorse through those actions along with that Presence’. Within this ‘You become Trapped’ upon the ‘Place’ upon which you ‘Stand’ and surrounded by the ‘Deeds, Actions’ and ‘Crimes’ of both ‘Yourselves’ and ‘Others’ with the ‘Son of God’ both ‘Witnessing, Seeing and Experiencing’ what you and those who came before you have done -  Arm’ag Edon being the place upon which you stand before ‘God’ – thus you are ‘Judged’ upon what you ‘Sanction, Endorse’ and ‘Support’ through your ‘Presence’ (Aiding and Abetting all be it after the fact).

Clearly if he cannot ‘Absolve you’ he can ‘Redeem you’ by making you ‘Aware’ of where and what you stand upon; within this ‘You’ could stand upon your ‘DNA’ through the ‘Male Gene’ (Father to Son) as ‘God intended’ thus ‘Identifying You’ to the ‘Ground upon which you Stand before God and as he Intended’ thereby re-forming ‘Gods Nations’ and more importantly ‘Separating Yourself’ from the ‘Crimes of the Past’ which would ultimately ‘Free you from Sin’.

“Absolution not forthcoming and Redemption Hard Earned you will have to do this on your own thus establishing Faithfulness and Innocence”
(Recognising the issues and the Problem is half the Battle).

‘No Country on Earth’ nor any ‘Lawful System or State’ can Deny you the Right in Law to Stand upon the Male Gene within your DNA since this Identifies you to both to the Earth you stand upon and to God who Made and Marked you when he Placed you there. In fact your DNA attests to this Non Disputable Fact which is why the Beast has to perpetually find ways of standing upon the Usurpation of a Woman’s DNA through Deceit – they cannot stand like Men.

There is a Lawful argument here with you being able to litigate through Lawful Processes so as to Attain lawful Status upon your DNA allocating for the Displacement of those who Oppose God through the Terror of Atrocity – Crime and Conquest – God made everyone Equal and No Person on Earth has or had any right in Law to Harm, Violate, Annihilate or Displace the Indigenous.

Within this it is fair to state that the ‘Anti-Christ’ will want to save the souls of those he has ‘Tainted in his favour’ since these souls support ‘Lucifer’ and being immersed within the ‘Arts of Politics’ and the ‘Violation or Exploitation of Innocence’; think of it as ‘Parasitical Politics’ preying on people along with the youth of today.

So I am curious: who’s the good guy?

The son of ‘God’ will stand upon the ‘Truth in all Actuality’ and expressing it in that way whilst attempting to ‘Expose Politics’ through the establishment of ‘Legitimacy within the Law’ therefore ‘Justice without Prejudice’ via the ‘Truth’. He will want ‘Humanity’ to evolve on a ‘Sentient Level’ through the ‘Expression of Understanding’; he will project a scientific point of view and will want humanity to go into space as a species that can express the measure of their ‘Humanity’ and seeing this as ‘Strength’. He will want space to be ‘Free’ and ‘Unrestricted’ with the ‘Military’ standing the way defenders should stand and not ‘Restricting’ or ‘Inhibiting Human Evolution’; within this the ‘Ambition’ will be to find ‘Allies’ thereby gain ‘Strength’ and ‘Technology’ through ‘Mutual Interests and Trade’.

Within the above the son of God will judge every person whom stands other than where God placed them upon the Crimes that have been committed; recognizing that each and every person is equally guilty of supporting and endorsing those crimes just so that they can occupy another persons place. Where as the son of Lucifer will be defending all those standing where he has directed and driven them as having the right to stand where ever they like and within this dismissing the rights of others.

The son of Lucifer (Perpetrator) will argue that the world belongs to everyone and that every person on earth has the right to stand wherever they like however how does this impact upon the rights of others?

Clearly it does violate and dismiss the rights of those who stood there before you as having no right in law whilst those seeking to stand wherever they like violating the rights of those who are displaced and that is neither reasonable nor fair (Defender).

If you do not have the right to retain something what is the point of producing anything?

The son of ‘Lucifer’ who will be relentless in his pursuit towards achieving his ambition of a ‘New Tower of Babel’ and ‘World Order’, all built upon ‘Politics’. Never the less he must within his ambition perceive a way of ‘saving his beasts’ and ‘Servants’ because from the moment the son of ‘God’ arrives everything will start to swing against him “won’t it!”

He will also be pursuing ‘Space Exploration’ only through ‘Restriction’ and ‘Control’ with ‘Humanity’ being ‘Driven’ and ‘Directed’ as a ‘Species’ through ‘Regulation, Restriction, Desperation’ and ‘Poverty’. Within this the ‘Worlds Population’ will be ‘Exploited’ and directed against ‘Other Species’ in order to ‘Steal’ their ‘Technologies, Resources’ and ‘Territories’. It is clear that ‘History’ defines the ‘Beast’ for ‘Whom’ and ‘What he is’ through the ‘Actions of the Past’ and within this ‘Time Repeats Itself’ with a ‘Beast Expressing Terror and Atrocity’ through his ‘Ambitions’ and his ‘Actions’.

In the ‘Imminent Future’ the only thing that will have changed will be the ‘Scale’ of the ‘Crime’ as the ‘Beast’ aspires to ‘Legitimate’ through the ‘Perversion of Law’ and ‘Instigation’ with this resulting and attesting to the ‘Depth of his Hatred’ and the measure of his ‘Contempt for the Lives of others’; (he will find a foe worthy of himself).

It is fair to argue that perhaps he perceives that by ‘Corrupting Everyone’ into following and endorsing him, he imagines ‘God will be merciful’ and within this it would make sense to convince every person on earth that ‘Multiculturalism’ was the way forward with this giving rise to a ‘Unilateral State’. However for it to be a ‘Multicultural World’ every ‘Nation, Border, Boundary’ along with those ‘Nations Identities, Laws, Rules, Regulations and Governing Bodies’ would have to be ‘Dissolved’ in favour of a ‘Multicultural Universal State’.

“In a dark void find the illumination within yourself; light that Spark since this like Reason illuminates the Dark space”.

The Problem here is ‘Human Rights’ coupled with ‘Freedom’ and ‘Democracy’ since it is only fair to argue that ‘Any Legitimate Governing Body’ would be ‘Elected into Existence’ after the ‘Dissolution of Nations’ thereby ensuring a ‘World Government represented the World’. Additionally it would be ‘Illegal’ for any ‘Minority Group’ from within any Individual State or ‘Mergence of States’ to force their ‘Self Projected Laws, Rules and Regulations’ upon people who have not elected them into place.

Compounding this any ‘Multicultural Perception’ involves ‘Multicultural Recognition’ therefore it would be ‘Illegal’ to retain ‘National Identities’ and ‘State Sovereignties’ under these circumstances. The ‘European Parliament’ does not represent the ‘Worlds Population’ nor do the ‘Laws’ it argues or reasons into place since none of these ‘Laws’ transcend ‘Cultural Boundaries’ also the ‘European Government’ was not elected by the ‘Worlds Population’ it is therefore not representative of the world.

Realistically and in order to achieve ‘World Order’ the ‘Anti-Christ’ would have to ‘Weaken and Impoverish’ his ‘Opponent’ by ‘Manipulating Law’ and ‘Usurping’ a multiple of ‘Nations Resources’ this would then give him a ‘Platform’ upon which to ‘Dominate’ and ‘Direct or Control’ other ‘Weaker Individual Nations’. All of this will result in ‘Hardship, Impoverishment’ and ‘Suffering’ for the ‘Every day Person’; the ‘Object of the Anti-Christ’ here being to ‘Control’ the ‘Worlds Resources’ thereby ‘Controlling the World’.

Clearly we are entering a ‘Critical and Crucial Time’ within this aspect of his ‘Scheme’ and the ‘Foundations’ are already starting to ‘Crumble’ whereas the ‘Tower’ itself has held ‘Cracks from the Outset’ (you wouldn’t want to be trapped inside would you).

Now you are probably wondering what the ‘Son of God’ would be doing in relation to all this; and my guess is that he would be ‘Deeply Concerned’ over the levels of ‘Impoverishment, Hardship, and Suffering’ people are enduring under all the  ‘Financial and Political Restrictions’. Additionally he is probably applying his mind to this very ‘Issue’ and within this ‘I would Suggest’ that perhaps a ‘Sentient Mind’ may argue for the ‘People’‘Lawful Service’ with any ‘Failure’ upon the ‘Part of the State’ to provide the ‘Public’ with ‘Lawful Service’ releasing said ‘Public’ from any and all lawful obligation to ‘Support a State’. Clearly oppressing people beneath the heel of the ‘Satanic Boot’ is a ‘Crime’ as is any form of ‘Oppression and Persecution’ and this is the ‘Point’:

“There has to be Legitimacy within the Law with Actuality being the Actual Truth neither Distorted nor Perverted” and within this ‘You do Pay for the Truth and for the provision of a Safe State where upon and within you may abide Lawfully’ don’t you?

“We walk through shadows every day"

Christopher © 27/05/2012 (All Rights reserved)

Friday, 25 May 2012

‘Just a Perspective’

This name was written within the Great Koran by the prophet ‘Elijah’ 2,900 years ago, it relates to: ‘Anton Iblic’ (the nemesis of the son of God) whom Elijah perceived and recorded as being ‘Christopher’ (The Prophesized One):

The Nemesis:

Arabic:                        Anton Iblis’ (Iblic)      (from a legitimate and faithful language)

Romanized:               Antonius Iblius’ (Ibliuc)        

Latinized:                   Antony Ib (Ibn) meaning: 'son of - Lus’ (Luc)

Anglicized:                 Anthony’ son of ‘Lucifer’ (a satanic and false language which gives a True translation since this is the language of
the beast – invented 600yrs ago).

            There was an eminently renowned and learned priest named ‘Dafydd’ of Bangor-Is-y-Coed who lived 800 to 1,000 years ago, he fastidiously recorded all the second names within the northern hemisphere after he read the ‘Great Koran’. He prophesized the beast would come as: Anton IblisAntonius Iblius - Antony Ibl_i_usAnthony Bl_i_ spinning a ‘New Tower of Babel’ out of ‘Webs of Lies, Deceits’ and ‘Unlawful law’.

Either way:

There can’t be too many ‘Anthony’s’ seeking to build a new Tower of Babel or a ‘World Order’; in point of fact wouldn’t his role and title within this pursuit be ‘Grand Architect’. With this New Tower being a ‘Government’ built on ‘Lies, Deceit, Terror and Atrocity’ (the concept of control, domination and exploitation) the protocol of terror legitimated through the exploitation of the concept of terrorism with this being built upon ‘Fear’. It is clear that no son of ‘Lucifer’ is going to tell the ‘Truth’ or stand ‘Legitimately’ in life; he is going to be ‘Deceitful, Treacherous’ and ‘Manipulative’, involvements and connections within ‘Assassination’ and ‘Corruption’ plaguing and lingering about him like a dark mist.

His actions will be hidden beneath the guise of ‘Goodness’ coupled with ‘Best Intentions’ however despite that ‘Intention’ he lacks the ability to be ‘Righteous’. He will ‘Legitimate the Attack’ upon others through the ‘Abuse of Law’ and will ‘Distort other peoples perceptions’ through ‘Name Calling’ and ‘Smear’ campaigns: Terrorist, Dissident, Perpetrator, Activist to name but a few titles his opponents will be called so as to ‘legitimate the Attack’ and yet the concept of ‘Terrorism’ is built upon ‘Prejudice’ since it is a ‘Perspective’. What we perceive as being ‘Terrorism’ today is not the same as the manner in which the ‘State’ will project it ‘Tomorrow’; clearly ‘Terrorism’ can be projected as a ‘Point of Prejudice’.

It is fair to argue that any individual with a ‘unique perspective’ or ‘insular understanding’ which is not ‘Compliant’ with that of the ‘State’ could be projected as a ‘Terrorist’ if they were to ‘Share that Point of View’ with others. In fact it is only fair to state that every ‘Politician’ whom stands in ‘Opposition Today’ are potentially going to be classed as the ‘Terrorists of Tomorrow’.

‘Cover ups’ and ‘Abuses of Authority’ which are ‘Breaches of Trust’ are going to follow our man as he attempts to evade responsibility for his crimes, negligence’s and mistakes; they will follow them like the stench of death. He projects himself as ‘Innocence and Goodness’; everything he has or is doing is done for the ‘Benefit of Others’. Additionally he will have aspired to success within politics upon the platform of law since that would give him the opportune background upon which to manipulate both the law and the public for personal gain (he will be classed as a people’s man – both charismatic and charming).
In reality he is going to be ‘paranoid, devious, resourceful and manipulative’ – “a schemer with a grand plan”. Overturning the ‘Sanctity of Graveyards’ and eradicating centuries of ‘Peoples Histories’ and ‘Genealogies’; since this will mean nothing to him; perhaps some involvement within a case of ‘Non-Corpus’ just to get him and his ‘Close Allies’ to where he needs to be ‘Within a Position of Strength’.

“By controlling the forces around him and positioning his allies at the head of others he will attempt to control the battle”; Mmm! however the concept of War is a complicated and Tricky thing, Eh!

He will be supported by the authorities since no person within authority has ever worked for a living; they leech off and are paid by the public; additionally he will ‘Blackmail, Threaten and Abuse’ others by manipulating ‘Authority’ in order to get his opponents support. Compounding this he will have a brother who holds a position of high power ‘probably a high ranking Police officer’ or a ‘Senior rank within the Intelligence service’ that would allow him some measure of ‘protection’ form both the ‘Opposing Authorities’ and the ‘General Public’ (those who will finally recognize him).

The ‘False Prophet’ will be someone within the ‘Financial Institution’ who perceives a way of ‘Enslaving Humanity’ beneath the heel of ‘Taxation’; excessive rates of taxation forcing people into bondage since they will have too little left to live on after the state has ‘Extorted taxation’. This person has or will ‘Manipulate the Taxation System’ through a series of ‘Complex Processes’ all of which will benefit the ‘State’ by impoverishing the people.

Clearly the ‘Level of Taxation’ incurred by the individual dictates the amount of ‘Funds’ remaining to ‘Survive’ upon; it also dictates how much the ‘State’ has to ‘Finance Political Ambition’ whilst at the same time ‘Limiting the Publics Ability’ to object. Furthermore; I must argue that it would be within the interest of the ‘State’ to manipulate the ‘Financial Market’ for self gain since ‘Retaining Public Debt’ against the ‘Public’ after those ‘State Authorities’ used ‘Public Funds’ to ‘Settle the Publics Debts’ with the ‘Financial Institution’ who were themselves in ‘Debt to the Public’ allows them to ‘Profit’ from these ‘Illegally held Debts’.

The issue here is: every person who had money, savings, stocks, shares etc; this to include the vast bulk of politicians upon the planet all profited from the ‘Financial Systems bail Out’. Within this they were all ‘Refunded’ since the ‘Bank Debts’ were ‘Settled’ therefore these people ‘All Profited’ through the ‘Return of the resources the Banking System had Mismanaged’. By retaining the ‘Publics Debt’ against the ‘People’ who were in ‘Debt to the Banks’ after the ‘Publics Resources’ were used to settle that ‘Debt’ the ‘System’ seeks to ‘Profit from a Fraudulent action’.

I have an Issue here relating to the recent ‘Political Expense Scandals’, its just an observation however worth noting: Politicians claim the vast bulk of their Expenses back off the Public who pay these Politicians a Wage in exchange for Lawful Service. Now despite the measure of: food, alcohol, clothes, petrol, electronics, pornography, etc that these Politicians Claim for; “Question?” do they then claim these Moneys or Costs back from the Tax office by Passing the Receipts Off as being Lawful Expenses since this would be a clear case of ‘Fraud and Extortion’ at the expense of the ‘Public’ who paid for and purchased these items, (It’s a thought isn’t it).

These are just the Issues of an Enquiring Mind.


            If ‘God formed Nations’ when he destroyed the ‘Tower of Babel’ and deliberately placed men on ‘Earth’ in specific places then he must have ‘Touched’ them with that ‘Devine Contact’ marking ‘Man’ through their ‘DNA’. If this is the case and ‘People are Identifiable through their DNA’ then any attempt at or support towards the ‘Dissolution of God’s Nations’ is a direct attack upon ‘God’ himself; it’s a bit like ‘Attacking’ the ‘Holy City of Jerusalem’ you are standing in direct opposition to ‘God’.

            The same applies to the ‘Dissolution of Nations’ with you undermining what ‘God Intended’; clearly the ‘Beast within You’ will disguise this as ‘Multiculturalism’ however if you were truly embracing a ‘Multicultural World’ you would ‘Dissolve National Boundaries, Authority, Identity and Law’ in favour of ‘Humanity’ with the emphasis being upon ‘Multicultural accepted Laws’. Clearly these do not exist therefore the entire planet would have to agree upon ‘Universal Law’ with said laws ‘Transcending Cultural Boundaries’ whilst remaining ‘Human within their Application’.

            It would be ‘Fraudulent’ to retain: National Identities, Passports or other forms of Identity within a ‘Multicultural free System’ since the basis of such a system would be founded upon ‘Universal Rights’. Quite simply: Colour, Race, Religion, Sex nor Circumstances would exist therefore ‘Minority Rights’ would cease to exist and being replaced with ‘Equality’ which would be the fundamental recognition that ‘All People are Equal within the Eyes of God therefore Equally entitled to receive Lawful Service through the Presentation of Legitimate Justice and Not Distorted nor Perverted’.

            Clearly any Government of Individual intent upon World Order is actively attacking their Nations of Origin through the Exploitation of that Nations Resources whilst also Attacking God Directly.

                                    Christopher © 25/05/2012 (All Rights reserved)

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

It’s just a pebble in the sea of injustice

You assume when you write things as I have done relating to some of the issues of injustice; that something’s might change without comprehending the sheer scale and depth of the ocean of criminality that exists upon this planet. As children you are lead to believe that the authorities are the good guys but they are just as corrupt, deceitful, dishonest and criminal as any of the bad elements within society with neither taking nor accepting accountability for their crimes.

            It seems that for the honest people there is no justice since the criminal elements evade justice through loopholes within the law whilst the authorities evade responsibility through abuse of the law coupled with a failure within them to accept accountability (their cover-ups highlighting a ‘deliberate intention’).

            The fact is that any thief (the perpetrator) braking into your house (the victim) knows full well that he is trespassing upon a property that is not his (this highlighting foreknowledge along with a deliberate intention to commit) whilst highlighting and exposing through the action (Guilt); there is no defence here since accountability is bound within the action. Additionally and since he/she is trespassing they know full well that violence may ensue (implied or intended) as a result of that trespass; clearly the owner (who is the victim) of the property can never know with any certainty that the intention is to steal property and not harm others, their duty being to protect themselves and that household (reacting to the threat all be it none is intended or manifested).

            Clearly the perpetrator has no lawful right to either steal or trespass and their actions and presence attest to their deliberate intention (they are fully aware that they are both trespassing and highlighting or exposing intent to commit).

            The police may project a case that is built upon legitimate investigation, legally gathered, established and supported evidences just to witness the perpetrator evade justice through loopholes within the law because a lawyer has manipulated the law for self-gain (profit and success) thereby allowing a criminal (the perpetrator) to evade justice. Within this it should be noted that an individual (the lawyer) has set themselves against the majority (the public body whom argument and reasoned the law into existence for the good and protection of all) with this undermining the legitimacy of both the law and the legal system (laws now become argumentative as a point of prejudice). Your own perspective of how a law should be interpreted takes precedence over the ‘Legal Intention’ of the law as it was originally intended (this brings both law and justice into conflict).

            Within the above it should be noted that ‘all Laws are specifically placed’ through a series of ‘Reasonable Argumentations & Debates’ all of which forge ‘Law’ into existence to serve a ‘Specific Purpose’ therefore any ‘distortion, perversion or manipulation of that law’ through what appear on the surface to be ‘argumentative and interpretative aspects’ (Loopholes) are in actual fact an attempt by ‘Individuals’ at ‘Distorting the Legitimacy of Law for self gain’ all of which are ‘Crimes’ against the ‘State and the Nation’.

            It is fair to argue that the ‘Individual’ has set their own ‘Intellect’ against the ‘System or State’ in an attempt to ‘Beat the System’ through the ‘Re-Interpretation of law’. Through the action of ‘reinterpreting’ the law the individual attempts to ‘project’ their ‘own perspective’ of how that ‘law’ should be ‘interpreted’ with this ‘superimposing their interpretation over the original intention’. The acceptance of the ‘new interpretation’ by the ‘justice system’ (judge within a court of law ‘in law’) legalizing the action of ‘reinterpretation’ thus undermining the ‘legitimacy of the State’ along with those ‘lawfully elected bodies implementing law’.  

So via the ‘Implementation of Law’ which is ‘Reasoned and Argued’ into existence through ‘Lawful processes’ the ‘individual’ undermines the ‘Legitimacy of law’ through ‘reinterpretation’ thereby ‘dominating’ the system by ‘Superimposing’ their ‘Interpretation and Perception’ of that law over the ‘Initial’ intention of the ‘State’ . (All this relates to an act of dominance by the individual over the state and their authority built upon the majority).

            “In temporal silence I am placed here
A solitary stillness
            Lost within the depths of a cold ocean
The warmth of my emotion
Overwhelmed by the wave of icy intellects”

                                    Christopher © 23/05/2012 (All Rights reserved)

Friday, 18 May 2012

Krishna – Christopher – Kristophus – called: Christ*

“May Buddha Bless you”

The coming of Krishna upon the platform of ‘Justice’ with a ‘Word’ that shall set us ‘Free’ because this ‘Word’ is the ‘Word of God’ – neither ‘Distorted’ nor ‘Perverted’ but the ‘Actual Truth’.

This is the almighty word of power: ‘Actuality’ and that is the ‘TRUTH’

If you can ‘Distort’ or ‘Pervert’ it then it is not the ‘Truth’ because it is a ‘Lie’ and everyone is bound before ‘God’ and within the ‘Sum of Themselves’ which is their own ‘Immortal Soul’ to express the ‘Truth’ for what the ‘Truth Actual IS’ thereby establishing that they are ‘Truthful within all Actuality’ and neither ‘Perverted nor Distorted’ through ‘Prejudice’.

Do not delude yourself into thinking ‘God’ does not exist because that is a fallacy which does not impact upon ‘Reality’ at all; what you believe in relation to the ‘Existence of the Supreme Being’ is irrelevant: ‘God Exists’.

Actuality is the Truth – just because you do not believe or accept the evidence within ‘Existence’ along with ‘Reality’ combined; that is a failure upon your part – ‘Not Gods’ since he provided you with evidence of his eminent existence – you are simply too blinkered to see it, too ignorant to accept it or blinded by the illusions of the Beast.

The Evidence:

You Exist  within Reality in which you interact with Others all of whom you accept as being Real, additionally you accept Reality as being Actual (it therefore Exists as do you and everything trapped within Reality). Here in lies the problem since ‘Everything exists within something’ and ‘Nothing can exist out of the sum of itself’ nor can anything ‘Exist to be held within a state of Nothing’ therefore even to a Na├»ve Mind – ‘Something Exists’ (Eminent Proof of God).

You may argue that we stem from a ‘particle’ or ‘Black Hole’ however these things A/ have to exist therefore they do exist. B/ they have to be contained within and exist within a ‘State of reality’ therefore you have just ‘Proved – Something Exists’ in order to contain a space and reality within which something material (a sentient state of mind) may exist.

Dismissing God just because you do not wish to be held accountable for your actions, failures and crimes will not allow you to evade, this Reality is a Perspective and Relative to which State of reality you are standing within. Your eyes cannot detect what exists all around you and whether or not you like it you are caught and held within the same measure of ‘Exotheteric Matter’ as the ‘souls you violated’ or the ‘crimes you committed’ – this is the space within which you stand and within which you committed the crime and for the record ‘You are Trapped here and Held upon and Within that’.

Justice is founded upon the ‘Provision of Lawful service’ with this being established through an understanding of what is ‘Lawful’ over what is not.

The platform of what is ‘Justice’ is established through ‘Laws’ that are governed and forged into place with ‘Best Intention’ by ‘Publicly Employed People’ all of whom are ‘Elected through Lawful Balloting into Public Office’. They are ‘Accountable to the People’ whom elected them and whom employ them with those ‘Intentions’ being for the ‘Benefit and Protection’ of ‘Each and Every’ member of that ‘Community or Nation of People’ to whom they are bound in law to serve.

The ‘Laws of a Nation’ are the platforms upon which both ‘Justice’ and the ‘Nation’ stand to be ‘Perceived’ by others as being both ‘Legitimate and Lawful’; “Justice through the application of what is Just and Fair and Against what is not”.

“The Provision of Lawful Service” with every ‘Public Servant’ being held accountable for his/her actions, since they both ‘Serve & Represent the Public’ with the ‘Fundamental recognition’ that ‘No member of the General Public Employs or Authorizes any person within Authority to commit Crimes’.

In Conclusion:

We stand upon ‘Fundamental Issues’ which impact upon all those around us to include us ourselves; the ‘Truth’ is established through ‘Actuality’ with that being ‘Neither Distorted nor Perverted’.

‘Legitimacy within the Law’ which is established through the ‘Provision’ of ‘Lawful Service’ coupled with the ‘Provision, Application and Perception through Acceptance’ of what are believed and understood to be ‘Lawfully Applied laws’.

“Justice like the Truth is a profound understanding”.

Christopher © 18/05/2012

“May Buddha guide you towards Understanding the Meaning of the Word”