Wednesday, 23 May 2012

It’s just a pebble in the sea of injustice

You assume when you write things as I have done relating to some of the issues of injustice; that something’s might change without comprehending the sheer scale and depth of the ocean of criminality that exists upon this planet. As children you are lead to believe that the authorities are the good guys but they are just as corrupt, deceitful, dishonest and criminal as any of the bad elements within society with neither taking nor accepting accountability for their crimes.

            It seems that for the honest people there is no justice since the criminal elements evade justice through loopholes within the law whilst the authorities evade responsibility through abuse of the law coupled with a failure within them to accept accountability (their cover-ups highlighting a ‘deliberate intention’).

            The fact is that any thief (the perpetrator) braking into your house (the victim) knows full well that he is trespassing upon a property that is not his (this highlighting foreknowledge along with a deliberate intention to commit) whilst highlighting and exposing through the action (Guilt); there is no defence here since accountability is bound within the action. Additionally and since he/she is trespassing they know full well that violence may ensue (implied or intended) as a result of that trespass; clearly the owner (who is the victim) of the property can never know with any certainty that the intention is to steal property and not harm others, their duty being to protect themselves and that household (reacting to the threat all be it none is intended or manifested).

            Clearly the perpetrator has no lawful right to either steal or trespass and their actions and presence attest to their deliberate intention (they are fully aware that they are both trespassing and highlighting or exposing intent to commit).

            The police may project a case that is built upon legitimate investigation, legally gathered, established and supported evidences just to witness the perpetrator evade justice through loopholes within the law because a lawyer has manipulated the law for self-gain (profit and success) thereby allowing a criminal (the perpetrator) to evade justice. Within this it should be noted that an individual (the lawyer) has set themselves against the majority (the public body whom argument and reasoned the law into existence for the good and protection of all) with this undermining the legitimacy of both the law and the legal system (laws now become argumentative as a point of prejudice). Your own perspective of how a law should be interpreted takes precedence over the ‘Legal Intention’ of the law as it was originally intended (this brings both law and justice into conflict).

            Within the above it should be noted that ‘all Laws are specifically placed’ through a series of ‘Reasonable Argumentations & Debates’ all of which forge ‘Law’ into existence to serve a ‘Specific Purpose’ therefore any ‘distortion, perversion or manipulation of that law’ through what appear on the surface to be ‘argumentative and interpretative aspects’ (Loopholes) are in actual fact an attempt by ‘Individuals’ at ‘Distorting the Legitimacy of Law for self gain’ all of which are ‘Crimes’ against the ‘State and the Nation’.

            It is fair to argue that the ‘Individual’ has set their own ‘Intellect’ against the ‘System or State’ in an attempt to ‘Beat the System’ through the ‘Re-Interpretation of law’. Through the action of ‘reinterpreting’ the law the individual attempts to ‘project’ their ‘own perspective’ of how that ‘law’ should be ‘interpreted’ with this ‘superimposing their interpretation over the original intention’. The acceptance of the ‘new interpretation’ by the ‘justice system’ (judge within a court of law ‘in law’) legalizing the action of ‘reinterpretation’ thus undermining the ‘legitimacy of the State’ along with those ‘lawfully elected bodies implementing law’.  

So via the ‘Implementation of Law’ which is ‘Reasoned and Argued’ into existence through ‘Lawful processes’ the ‘individual’ undermines the ‘Legitimacy of law’ through ‘reinterpretation’ thereby ‘dominating’ the system by ‘Superimposing’ their ‘Interpretation and Perception’ of that law over the ‘Initial’ intention of the ‘State’ . (All this relates to an act of dominance by the individual over the state and their authority built upon the majority).

            “In temporal silence I am placed here
A solitary stillness
            Lost within the depths of a cold ocean
The warmth of my emotion
Overwhelmed by the wave of icy intellects”

                                    Christopher © 23/05/2012 (All Rights reserved)

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