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The Common Contract

Y paw-lew (llaw y Llew) darn or Llew Ronc.
The Lions Paw (Palm of the Lion) part of the Lion Rampant.

Justice should be every persons Right in Law with any failure within the Law to Uphold and Defend these Rights being a Crime in Law.

The State of Injustice

To Whom It May Concern

Please consider these ‘Issues’ carefully.

Is the issue here that a ‘Crime’ was committed by the ‘Authorities’ or is the issue here that any ‘Lawfully Perceived Authority’ could or has committed a crime through the ‘Abuse of Public Trust and/or Public Resources’? Clearly if the ‘Authorities’ are ‘Attacking the Public’ that is a ‘Serious Crime’ (some may call that Treason); obviously ‘No Authority’ has requested ‘Permission’ from the ‘Public’ to ‘Commit Crimes’ since that would highlight or express ‘Intent’ (as in an intention to commit crimes). Additionally ‘No’ member of the ‘Public’ has at any time ‘Authorised’ those ‘Authorities’ to ‘Commit Crimes’ since they would be ‘Requesting Abuse’ through the ‘Provision of Terror’ it is therefore ‘Arguable’ that the ‘Public’ employ the ‘Authorities’ through the supplement of ‘Revenue’ to provide the ‘Public’ with ‘Lawful Service’.

Compounding the ‘Above’ is the ‘Issue’ of ‘Truth’.

Are the ‘Authorities’ bound within the ‘Law’ to provide the ‘Public’ with the ‘Actual Truth’ that being the ‘Truth in all Actuality’ and ‘Not Distorted nor Perverted’. If they are then does any ‘Public Servant’ have the ‘Right in Law’ to practice the ‘Satanic Arts of Perversion, Distortion, Manipulation, Deceit or Corruption’ these forming the arts of ‘Politics’.

Aren’t they ‘Employed by the Public’ to uphold the ‘Legitimacy of Law through their Actions’ with those ‘Actions’ highlighting the ‘Difference’ by ‘Setting the Standard’. Clearly there is no ‘Truth within a Lie’ since that is a ‘Distortion’ and a ‘Perversion’ of what is ‘True over what is Not True’.

We stand as ‘Nations’ upon the ‘Platform of Justice’ with the measure of our ‘Integrity being Defined within the Legitimacy and Honesty of Our Governments’.
Please find enclosed a platform upon which to hold Government’s and other Public Authorities accountable for their crimes and/or negligence’s. The enclosed contract if accepted can force legitimacy upon authorities through the recognition of ‘Rightful Conduct’ coupled with ‘Lawful Service’ through the establishment of ‘Legitimacy within the Law’.

Within the above it is fair to recognise that the ‘Public’ employ the ‘Authorities’ to provide the ‘Public’ with ‘Lawful Service’ which is founded upon what ‘IS’ Legitimate over what is ‘NOT’; clearly the ‘Public’ pay for the ‘Truth’ through the establishment of what the ‘Truth actually is’ and this through the acknowledgement of ‘Any Distortion’ or ‘Perversion’ of the ‘Truth’ making it a ‘Lie’ therefore ‘False’.

The recognition that authorities are public employees with privileged lives; that they are not placed under the same duress as members of the general public who have to fend for themselves. Public employees receive their wages and pensions without fail from the public coffers which is extracted through revenue however the public themselves have no such assurances.

As public employees all authorities are bound within the ‘Law’ to provide ‘lawful service’ there by upholding the ‘legitimacy of the law’ through their actions. The Law itself is the platform upon which we as a Nation stand before other nations to be seen and recognised as being Lawful.

Justice stands upon this as does the nation to include its people’s identity.

The ‘Contract’ is indeed a ‘Lawful’ and ‘Binding Contract’ which you are free to publish upon the grounds that you recognise my contribution and © Copyrights.

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The Common Contract.

With reference to, an unwritten but commonly accepted and agreed contract between the Crown/State/Government and the individual.
The individual/individuals being nationals of that governing body’s authority where by the latter is employed by the prior i.e.: the party of the second part (Crown/State or Government) to act in an ad ministerial position and for the benefit of the party of the first part i.e.:(individual/individuals/the public).
To which the party of the first part agrees to employ for an agreed term of office and at a fair rate of recompense the party of the second part with the provision of funding and support through revenue. Additionally and in times of crisis to physically support the party of the second part in the protection of the party of the first part and the party of the second part.
On the part of the party of the second part, it is their contractual obligation to utilize the combined revenues of each individual with each individual being both singularly and collectively the party/parties of the first part.
That all the revenues gathered are for the benefit and security of the party of the first part with the rates of revenue being kept to a minimum in order  to minimise the financial burden upon the individual/individuals and society.
These revenues being provided by the party of the first part for the lawful use/acquisition and supply of services; support by the party of the second part and for the benefit and security of the party of the first part.
The contract is indeed a lawful means by which a government is employed by the public in addition to the terms and conditions of employment.
The foundation of the contractual obligations for a government being: services in exchange for revenue. With those services being for the benefit of the people to whom the body of administration is contractually obligated (each individual within that country). 
The revenues supplied by the party of the first part are for the provision of services in the manner of health & welfare, education and commerce, social and economic infrastructure, armed forces (for the deployment and protection of the nation and the nations sovereignty), fair and impartial justice, the provision of an impartial and professional police force dedicated to the forensic and clinical gathering of evidences and the investigations of allegations, crimes, incidences and or complaints.
The provision of a healthy, safe environment whereby the party of the first part may excel through commerce and industry combined with the latest and most advanced collective thinking, information, technologies for social and economic development.
This is a fair contract whereby the government (systems of administration) are employed by the people to lawfully administer to their finances. To utilize these funds and provide fundamental services all of which are for the benefit of the people (individual/individuals) within the society of that given nation.
Ultimately, it is the individuals funds that the government administers, not their own therefore they are legally obligated to act lawfully and to provide lawful service.
Revenue is taken by the government and since it is widely accepted (and has been for generations) that this is in exchange for the provision of those lawful services as aforementioned with the government taking responsibility for the supply of those services the contract is unlikely to be disputed. Additionally and since the government actually do provide these services through the provision of public funding (Revenue) it must be seen that both parties do indeed complete their parts within this contract.
Therefore the ‘common contract’ is indeed a lawful contract based upon ‘services’ in exchange for ‘revenue’.

It is fundamentally a foundation upon which Any and All Lawful or Legitimate Governments, States or Bodies of Authority should stand. A platform for Justice built upon Lawful Conduct and the recognition of what ‘IS’ Lawful as opposed to what is ‘NOT’.

Written by: Christopher D. J. Maylor © Copyright 2010 (All Rights Reserved)

The Common Contract.

Crown/State vs. Any Individual

These are the contractual obligations of both parts of this contract with these being given as parts (a) and part (b).

(Part A)

On the part of the individual: I/we the individual/individuals undertake from a reasonable age to support you the systems of administration through the supplement of revenue. Furthermore; within times of crisis we undertake to physically support those authorities in the defence of this country.

(Part B)
On the part of the systems of administration: it is that you undertake to utilise the resources provided by said individual/individuals, to better protect said individual/individuals from external as well as internal threats.  Those threats to include you as people in positions of authority sometimes abuse their positions or that authority.
That you utilise those collective resources to provide a professional, well-equipped defensive system of armed forces, for the deployment and the protection of the individual/individuals and/or people of this country. Additionally that they serve for the protection of the sovereignty of our nation which is our property with them being the lands and territories upon and within which we stand as a nation.
Note: The country being the individual/individuals, the people and not the systems of administration, state and/or the crown.  Recognising that, the people’s collective identity forms and gives a name and a purpose for the existence for a state. That we the people and not you the systems of administration, the crown or the land where upon we stand; as these things are obsolete and having no identity without the people and their collective identity. (It is the people whom form the nation they in turn give identity to the land upon which they stand and purpose for there to be a government with that government’s duty being in the service of that nation).
Furthermore, that you the systems of administration also undertake to utilise the resources provided by the individual/individuals to benefit and improve the quality and quantity of life for each and every individual.  Those improvements to be in the overall development and improvement of health and welfare services, social and economic infrastructure, education coupled with future prospects, the implementation and protection of civil freedom, human rights and democracy. 
The provision of a fair, impartial and lawful judicial system for the purpose of establishing the truth based upon clinically gathered evidences and facts. The provision of a professional and impartial police force dedicated to investigating without prejudice so as to establish the facts through the clinical acquisition of evidences, statements and information.
For the provision of efficient and effective emergency services and other essential support necessary to maintaining a healthy caring civilised society. That you also support and encourage free enterprise with the creation of an environment beneficial to the encouragement and growth of commerce and industry whilst recognising companies and individual have a lawful right to prosper through and from their initiatives. (Without that one single right ‘to prosper’ from their efforts where is the motivation for any business to exist). Without business, industry and free enterprise there is no employment and without that there is no revenue.
Greater freedom for the individual coupled with the right to improve their quality of life, the right to prosper from their own skills, initiatives, innovation and enterprise.
That you the systems of administration recognise that you are the employees of the people, that your purpose of existence being for the benefit and protection of the individual and the people of this country.

It should be noted: that the individual agrees to this contract through the supplement of revenues and the system of administration through the supplement of services.  Since both parties have provided their parts to this contract i.e.: revenue is taken and services are in place for most parts, this contract must be seen as being legal and binding even though it is not written (until now) but accepted

Written by: Christopher D. J. Maylor © Copyright 2010 (All Rights Reserved)

The above is Founded and Presented upon the platform of ‘Lawful Service’ coupled with the provision of the ‘Actual Truth which is neither Distorted nor Perverted’ with this recognition of what ‘IS’ lawful and ‘True’ over what is ‘NOT’ lawful or ‘True’ establishing the difference between whom is ‘Innocent’ of providing ‘Lawful Service’ over whom is ‘Guilty’ and having failed to provide ‘Lawful Service’.

Within the above any failure by the ‘State/Authorities’ to provide the ‘Public’ with ‘Lawful Service’ is not only a ‘Breach of Contract’ but may be classed as ‘Crimes against the Nation’ since all ‘Public Servants are Employees of the People’.

I sincerely hope that this page helps people receive justice through the establishment of what is 'lawful over what is Not'.


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