Thursday, 20 December 2012

21-2012 and the prophesy

The Prophesy – an unnoticed event
The wheel turns full circle – this is the dawn of the end of days for now destiny turns against the Beast (this is not the End of the World but the Dawn of a New Beginning for Humanity – a time for choice a time of challenge and a time for change)
0 (zero) – too late it has begun – this is not the end of the world it is the dawn of what is to come
22 - 2012
Comes 1st Angel – You will recognise him for he is ‘Death’ an walks hand in hand with ‘Life and Birth’ - here upon the plains of ‘Arm’ and ‘Eden’ (Arm-ag-Edon) shall he prepare the field of battle for soon cometh the Lord and Judgement with him for he knows where within and upon what he stands since this is his fathers kingdom which you the Beasts have desecrated and destroyed.

“Comes the one in ‘Gods fine Fleece’ that one whom shall do wonders!”

Soon he will  leave the forests and the mountains to stand upon the plains where all shall see him and here shall he do battle with the Beast – the rest is written and as it is written so shall it be done!

Personaly I think 2013 is a year of change for everyone upon the planet with people in every country on earth having no confidence in either Justice, Government or State, taxation will be exposed as the new bonds of slavery driven through impoverishment with Authorities failing worldwide. Clearly a system failure is on the cards since no politician nor person of authority can take responsibility for their crimes or failures within neither them nor the state; they therefore perpetuate their crimes through evasion, corruption, fraud and deception none of which the public employees nor authorises them to project - this may be the year when we actually establish 'Legitimacy within the Law' through a forced recognition and acceptance of what 'is lawful over what is not' with this becoming established through the provision of 'Lawful Service' as a 'Mandatory Obligation'.

Additionally to the above I believe the 'Free-Wolf' will come into being as a fulfillment of the 'Prophesy' which is at least 2,500 yers old, clearly this will become a year of change either way.