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Historical Injustice or Serial Annihilation?

This is an amendment of an article I wrote earlier relating to ‘Historical Injustices’ and is intended for ‘Clarification’ also in order to ‘Highlight' and 'Address Issues’ which need further investigation.

Historical Injustices

“The definition of ‘Historical Injustice’ relates to an insular event of ‘Injustice’ and should be taken as such since it recounts ‘Single’ or ‘Multiple’ act(s) of mass atrocity committed against another race within and by a single ‘Genealogical Lifespan’ or ‘One Generation of People’.”

I wrote this as a response to an article on ‘Historical Injustices’ an issue which is under ‘Global Debate’, it is a serious issue which affects billions of people worldwide. The argument relates to ‘Land Rights, Human Rights’ along with ‘Justice’ for ‘Crimes’ committed against the ‘Indigenous Peoples’ by and through the invasion of their ‘Lands’ by ‘Foreign Peoples’ this to include a ‘Recognition’ for and of the ‘Scale of Atrocities’ committed against them by the ‘Ancestors’ of the ‘Current Generations’ with this defining through that action an ‘Acceptance of Guilt’.

Additional to this are the ‘Issues’ relating to ‘Recompense’ through both ‘Compensatory Awards’ (Financial Compensation) and ‘Land Settlements’ (The Return of Substantial Native Lands), these to include the recognition in law to both ‘Independence’ as a ‘Right to Re-consolidate’ and the ‘Indigenous Land Rights’ to include the ‘Complete Removal of Foreign Entities’.

This item has been Slightly Amended – for clarification of the Issues related:

So! I am in agreement that (A) owns the ‘Property’ despite the number of times that ‘property’ has been ‘transferred’ from (B to Z). However what about any property (B to Z) is holding or has erected upon that land? Clearly that property is not the property of (A) and neither did (B to Z) have ‘Lawful Rights’ to erect or hold property upon or within the land which belongs to (A).
Time does not impact upon the crime of ‘Theft’ since the ‘Property’ was neither ‘Lawfully Taken’ nor ‘Lawfully Received’ so despite the number of inheritors, beneficiaries or occupiers this ‘Property’ is still owned by (A).

Amendment in relation to Clarification: ‘It should be noted within this that (A) is defined as the Natives who compiled the ‘Race’ of the Individuals whose ‘Lands were taken through Atrocity’. It is not necessary the property of any one individual since these races may have been ‘Communal Based’, furthermore; the lack of ‘Written Land Titles’ are irrelevant since the concept of ‘Ownership’ is a ‘Western form of Dominance’. It should also be noted that ‘External Legal Systems’ are ‘Not Lawful’ when applied to ‘Foreign Bodies’ since the ‘Imposition of Foreign Law’ is not ‘Native too, Accepted by, Recognized and/or Binding’ since the ‘Imposition’ of ‘Foreign Imposed Law’ as a form of ‘Dominance’ over another ‘Race, Defines a Crime’.

Assuming that (A) recovers the ‘Land’ they are now left with the problem of removing the ‘Assets’ of (B to Z) which is neither the property nor the responsibility of (A) however they are ‘Illegally retained’ upon and within that holding.
Within the above however we are missing a point: Are the people of today responsible for the crimes of the past since: (A) they did not commit these crimes however; (B) they do descend from the ‘Perpetrators’ who actually did commit these ‘Crimes’ even though they were not alive themselves to ‘Engage’ within the ‘Action’?

(C) Question?

Do they ‘Sanction’ and ‘Endorse’ the ‘Crimes’ of both the ‘Past’ along with that of their ‘Ancestors’ through their continued presence; i.e.: ‘If they continue to retain and occupy the lands which were stolen through ‘Mass Atrocity’, with this action along with their presence attesting too and ‘Sanction’ thereby ‘Endorse the Crime’; are they ‘Equally Guilty’ (Aiding and Abetting all be it after the Fact)?

In relation to a ‘Tangible’ and ‘Provable Crime’ in relation to this ‘Issue’ with this being both ‘Admitted’ and ‘Recorded’ as a ‘Crime’ relating to ‘Theft’ through ‘Murder’ (Right by Conquest) which the English people committed against Wales (the indigenous British peoples) when they annihilated 280,000 people after their surrender from starvation and disease and after the 2nd war of Wales had ended 1276 (25 generations removed). Additionally after the ‘Slaughter of the Princes’ (mostly children) allocating for the ‘Theft of their Principalities’ with this being done on the pretext of putting down the ‘British Threat’ (Right of Recovery) forever whilst legalizing that ‘Land Theft’ beneath the precept of ‘Atrocity’ coupled with ‘Time’.

An argument here is that by ‘Putting down the British Threat Forever’ the English People have through the ‘Statement of their Actions Admitted to their Intention of Annihilation’ – an Arguable Point since it is Admittance.

 So within this we must become aware of the fact that ‘Time’ makes people ‘Complacent’ and through that ‘Complacency’ they ‘Accept, Sanction and Endorse the Crime’. And arguably this is a ‘Provable Point’ relating to the ‘Conditioning of People’ into ‘Accepting a Crime’ as being ‘Normal’. It is commonly seen within ‘Victims of Repetitive Abuse’ (both Sexual and Torture) with these ‘People’ becoming ‘Conditioned’ into ‘Accepting the Crime’ as being a ‘Normal Practice’ all be it that it is a ‘Violation’.

Within the above we must remember that the ‘Welsh’ (British People) are one of the only ‘Dominated Races’ (Non-Free races) left on earth with the entirety of ‘Britain’ being their ‘Lawful Property’ (Foreign Occupied). ‘Wales’ is a fragment of ‘Cambria’ (the true extent of Wales) which is occupied by foreign bodies at a ratio estimated at around 60 to 1 with the English imposing both a Government and English law upon them. The Welsh Assembly which is not a ‘Lawfully Elected Representative Government’ but ‘Foreign Imposed’ expresses this; clearly within this the ‘Indigenous’ have no ‘Right in Law’ be that ‘National’ (English Imposed) or ‘International’ since they are not ‘Free’ and that ‘Government’ does not ‘Represent them’.

The ‘Truth’ is that they are ‘Out-voted’ within ‘Elections’ at a ratio of ’60 to 1’, their ‘Government’ is representative of ‘Foreign Policy’ (Imposed); ‘Welsh Law’ was ‘Quashed’ during the ‘Owain Glyndwr’ fight for ‘Freedom’. English laws were passed ‘Oppressing’ them ever since within which even in modern history there have been ‘Incidences Attesting’ to the fact that they have been denied the ‘Right’ to speak and ‘Communicate’ within their own ‘Language’ or to ‘Depose England through Protest’ and as a youth ‘I witnessed a young man being Murdered by the English Authorities for that Action – ‘Holding a banner’ and Arguing for the Right in Law -To Be Free’.

Lands were clearly ‘Stolen through Murder’ and both ‘Evidences’ and ‘Admittances’ of this exist however the ‘Welsh are not Free’ nor are there plans to release the ‘Welsh’ from the ‘Grasp of England’. Clearly an ‘Imposed Government’ that represents ‘England’ coupled with ‘English Policy’ is not ‘Freedom’ nor does it resolve the ‘Issues’ of Historical Injustice’. Returning ‘Wales’ a fragment of ‘Cambria’ which itself is only a fragment of ‘Britain’ will not be ‘Justice’ for the ‘Welsh’ who have been ‘Systematically Annihilated’ over a period of 2,000 years 1st by ‘Rome’, 2nd by the ‘Saxon, Danish and Germanic coalition of Nations’ and 3rd Normans whom are ‘Black Danes’.

The resulting invasions forming 67 generations of ‘Serial Genocide’ Committed, Sanctioned and Supported by the ‘Invaders Countries of Origins’ with this being an ‘Endorsement and Sanctioning of the Crimes’ by those ‘Countries’.

So ‘where is the Justice’ and are the ‘English People’ of today equally guilty in ‘Law’ of sanctioning and endorsing the ‘Crimes of the Past’ through their continued ‘Occupation’ and ‘Presence’ coupled with their ‘Ownership of Properties’ upon ‘Lands’ which were stolen through ‘Mass Atrocity’ all of which was ‘Legalized within English law’.

Argumentative isn’t it? – But within everything written above we are clearly missing something since we are barely touching upon the ‘Issue’ of ‘Historical Injustice’ as such I am including the following.

Amendment: “As stated at the ‘Beginning’ the definition of ‘Historical Injustice’ relates to an insular event of ‘Injustice’ and should be taken as such since it relates to a ‘Single’ or ‘Multiple’ act(s) of mass atrocity committed against another race within a single ‘Genealogical Lifespan’ (One Generation of People).

However: ‘Historical Injustices’ as a ‘Term’ does not do ‘Justice’ to the ‘Crimes’ of ‘Serial Genocide’ which as ‘Crimes’ are committed by the ‘Genealogical Descendants’ of the ‘Original Perpetrators’ (Multiple Generations of People). These ‘Crimes’ may be seen within ‘History’ as ‘Repetitive Attacks’ which are spread out over ‘Centuries’ that over ‘Time’ severely ‘Diminish the Indigenous’ or even result within the ‘Crime of Annihilation’ (Clinical Eradication of a Nation) and either way it highlights an ‘Intention to Totally Exterminate’ for the ‘purpose’ of ‘Self-Gain’.
Such a ‘Crime’ is visible within the ‘Histories’ of the ‘English Peoples’ during their ‘Initial’ and ‘Extended Campaigns’ within ‘Britain’ against the ‘Britons’ (now called Welsh – 4th Century to Present Day), the ‘Picts’ (who merged with the ‘Scotts’ in the 9th Century and whom now form the Scottish Peoples – they enjoyed ‘Temporary Freedom’) additionally the ‘Irish’ who were originally ‘Invaded’ in the 5th Century through the Invasion and Occupation of Northern Ireland, they were again ‘Invaded’ within the 11th and 12th centuries and suffering repetitive ‘Assaults’ as ‘Atrocities’ until ‘Recent History’.”

Everything related immediately above relates to ‘Serial Annihilation’ which is not an ‘Isolated Crime’ but a series of ‘Repetitive Crimes’ all of which ‘Re-occur’ over ‘Extended Periods of Time’ (Centuries) and are inflicted upon the ‘Indigenous Peoples’ (Victim) by the ‘Descendants of the Invaders’ (Genealogical Descendants - Perpetrators). Clearly repetitive crimes are not ‘Isolated’ with them becoming extenuated over and by the passage of ‘Time’ since they are committed ‘Generation after Generation’ as ‘Re-Offences’. Additionally it should be noted that within this ‘Crime’ there is another ‘Hidden Crime’ with that being ‘Sup-plantation’, this ‘Crime’ relating to the ‘Slaughter of the Indigenous Peoples’ along with their ‘Children’ as ‘Extending Generations’ and the ‘Sup-plantation’ of the ‘Perpetrators Children in their Place’ which relates to the ‘Theft of Properties’ through the act of ‘Generational Annihilation’ as an ‘Unprecedented Crime’; the impact upon ‘Humanity is Immeasurable’.

For the Record: Within Britain alone 67 (Sixty Seven) generations of ‘People’ (as Native Descendants) have been ‘Eradicated from History’ through the act of ‘Serial Annihilation’ – their ‘Right to Life’ as a ‘God Given Right’ was ‘Violated’ by the ‘English People Combined’ (History Records Centuries of Serial Attacks with these being Crimes and Abuses, Legalized within English Law).  

Since writing the above I have included the following:

An Issue

Someone has stated that the ‘Past should remain within the Past’ and that we should ‘Dismiss the Dead’ as having ‘No right in law to have ever Existed’ (Right to Life) since the nature of the world we live in is built upon ‘Atrocity, Theft’ and the ‘Right of Abuse’ – clearly that is ‘False’ with neither this nor any other person having the ‘Right to Abuse others’ as either individuals or collective bodies. Within the above they have also stated that the son is not guilty of A/ the Initial Crime. B/ Perpetuating the Crime, C/ Endorsing the Crime through his/their continued presence and finally D/ Aiding and Abetting all be it after the fact thereby ‘Sanctioning’ that or those ‘Crimes’.

Amendment: I have an ‘Issue’ what if a man kills a woman in the heat of an argument; some may call that a ‘Crime of Passion’ (maybe it is maybe it isn’t – but he never had a right to take her life did he? – that ‘Life’ was clearly ‘Not His Property’).

What if a man kills multiple women – clearly a ‘Serial Crime’ to which there is ‘No Lawful Defense’ – This ‘Crime’ would be on a par with a case of ‘Historical Injustice’ however this still relates to an ‘Insular case of Injustice’ since it has taken place within a ‘Single Time frame’. Arguably this may also relate to ‘Multiple Crimes’ however they are all ‘Fixed’ within a ‘Single Genealogical Generation’.

  The problem here is that this still relates to an isolated event however in reality ‘Historical Injustices’ are still ongoing being ‘Repetitive Serial Events’ with ‘History Recording the Facts as Actions’ thus ‘Historical Injustices’ may not be an apt ‘Definition’ when relating to ‘Serial Genocide’ with this relating to the ‘Serial Crimes’ of ‘Multiple Generations’ of ‘People’ whom as a ‘Collective’ of ‘Individuals’ have been committing a ‘Series of Horrific Crimes’ not only within a ‘Fixed Point in Time’ but also as an ‘Extended Crime – Generation after Generation after Generation’; this clearly becoming something else.

So within this: ‘The man who has just killed multiple women has a son who has also perpetrated a similar crime and he has a son who is perpetuating this crime as are his descendents generation after generation until someone steps up and changes something’. This act of ‘Historical Injustice’ is recorded in ‘Time’ as a ‘Perpetual Crime’ of  ‘Serial Historical Injustice’ with every person descending from those ‘Original Perpetrators’ and whom have repeatedly attacked and perpetuated this crime being ‘Guilty’.

It is not that you descend from ‘Monsters’ it is a fact that you descend from a ‘Race of Men’ who through ‘Greed and Envy’ made it ‘Acceptable’ to commit these ‘Crimes’ in a ‘Time’ when they could ‘Easily Evade Justice’ through ‘Anonymity’. Within the above however and just because someone ‘States it is Acceptable’ that does not make it ‘Lawful’ with those people who are struggling to ‘Come to Terms’ with the depth of these ‘Crimes’ which were ‘Committed’ by their ‘Ancestors’ (in the past) being ‘Equal Victims’ (in a Sense) since the people who conceived them into this world ‘Did so upon, within and surrounded by a Crime’ thus ‘Condemning the Souls of their own Children even before Birth’ with this perpetuating an endorsement of the original Crime.

‘Yes’ it is ‘True’ that ‘You did not commit these Crimes’ however ‘You are Guilty’ of ‘Sanctioning’ and ‘Endorsing’ these ‘Crimes’ through your ‘Continued Presence’ – until you separate yourself as being ‘Morally Apart’ from your ‘Ancestors’ you will not be ‘Free of Guilt’. 

‘Recognition’ through ‘Awareness’ that there were indeed ‘Crimes’ is a ‘Beginning’ since it is a step towards ‘Reconciliation’ with that action ‘Separating you from the Past’ – “The only hope is within Redemption through Consolatory Recognition along with all that entails, but within this you also have to make an effort in order to Redeem yourself”.

People have to understand that: each generation of people descending from the original perpetrators of the crimes have with malice repeated and perpetuated these crimes through continuous attacks all of which have been directed against the indigenous. These crimes have continued generation after generation within some countries like ‘Britain’ for sixteen centuries (1,600yrs) and for the record there are ten (10) generations of people per 300yrs with people on average replicating every 27 ½ years therefore it is official that more than 50 generations of people have repetitively and systematically engaged within the ‘Crime of Serial Genocide’ within ‘Britain’ by perpetuating, actuating  and compounding the problem thus changing this from an ‘Isolated Case of Genocide’ perpetrated by a minority group into a ‘Serial Crime of Multiple and Repetitive accounts of Genocide’ resulting within the act of ‘Virtual Annihilation’.

To this end their descendents (the English people) are in all actuality ‘Guilty’ since they sanction and endorse the crime through their continued presence and their continued ‘Domination of the Indigenous people’ highlights the depth of ‘Guilt’.

            History records each and every conflict a nation of people engage within in exactly the same way as the State records Criminal offences thus building a picture in relation to ‘Serial Offences’ with each end every offence relating to a ‘Physical Action’ (an Event/ Crime or Atrocity).

It is not only the engagement (Conflict) which is recorded but the number of casualties on both sides and even though some of these may be generalized in relation to your opponent they do highlight the extent of the crime. It is fair to argue some of the numbers may be exaggerated or estimated on both sides however if we base our accounts upon the records of the victor alone accepting them as evidences then A/ they are admittance to the Crime, B/ they offer scale in proportion to the severity of that Crime and C/ they quantify the number of engagements conducted against the indigenous who in this case are the ‘Victim’ of ‘Non Provoked Repetitive Serial Attacks’ culminating in the ‘Loss of Innocent Life’.

Each one of those faceless people had lives, some had children and all had names and identities coupled with a ‘God given Right to Life’ and no ‘Deviant’ within any ‘Country of Earth’ has or had a right to ‘Extinguish that Right’.

This ‘Crime’ is only compounded by the ‘Severity of the Action’ since many ‘People’ not much different to ‘You personally’ were ‘Tortured and Violated’ during this process of ‘Systematic Annihilation’ (multiple accounts of Atrocity / Genocide culminating within the act of Annihilation’) – “You are Guilty of Aiding and Abetting all be it After the fact” – Technically you are ‘Sanctioning this Crime’ until you ‘Separate Yourself from it’.

            History records the ‘Facts’ as a set or series of ‘Conflicts’ perpetrated over long periods of time (centuries) with these ‘Repetitively Reoccurring’ for ‘Generations’ after ‘Generations’. To date ‘No Nation’ has been ‘Charged with Annihilation’ since the ‘Crime is Abhorrent’ even to consider; yet some ‘Nations Histories’ actually do ‘Record and Project this Crime’. There are ‘Incidences’ within ‘History’ which are even ‘Horrific’ by the standards of the ‘People’ within those ‘Time Periods’ – with some ‘Nations’ standing out from the rest (History Records). The ‘Issue’ of ‘Serial Genocide’ is so serious by its nature that it demands ‘Recognition’ despite the difficulties it raises since the depth of the ‘Crime’ affects every person within every nation on Earth.

Within the above: “If you cannot recognize the ‘Rights of Nations’ then you will never recognize the ‘Rights’ of any one individual – Injustice is a Crime”

                                                               Christopher © 2012

Further Response

I totally disagree with this ‘Perception’ since the ‘Perpetrator of the Original Crime’ has over the duration of time ‘Established & Enforced his Laws, Politics and Protocols upon the Victim’ who is also due to the ‘Severity of the Crimes’ in the ‘Minority’. Within this it is fair to argue that in today’s world the ‘Laws’ are  being used to A/ legitimate the crime through complacency and public acceptability (the conscious impact of Time). B/ this same group who has in the past perpetrated a series of serious criminal offences on a par with ‘Atrocity’ (singular and/or multiple Massacres not excluding isolated crimes to individuals or small groups – culminated impact); you cannot honestly believe there is going to be any legitimacy within this nations laws or the manner and measure of their justices when so much injustice exists not only within ‘Past History’ but spread across time even to the ‘Present’ (History unfolding – this comment included).

Within my original comment relating to ‘Historical Injustices’ I neglected to point out a fundamental and poignant fact, there are evidences that some nations are ‘Guilty’ of ‘Serial Atrocity’ with these being repetitive perpetual crimes committed by the ‘Genealogical descendants’ of the ‘Original Perpetrators’. History records ‘Actions as Matter of Fact’ with each individual engaged within that action supporting the original action. For instance if A/ steals a house through the murder of the ‘Parental Owners’ (Lawful Possessors) and bequeaths it to his son B/ who has ‘No Lawful Claim’ and whereby ‘B’ perpetuates the ‘Original Crime’ by killing or inhibiting the children of the ‘Parental Owners’ (Lawful Claimants) inhibiting them from taking ‘Lawful Possession’ with this crime being perpetuated even further ‘Generation after Generation’ ‘C. D. E. F’ etc with each generation compounding the damage done to the descendents.

Can you honestly accept or justify that action or the fact that the ‘Institutionalized Justice and Legal Systems’ present in current society which are mostly ‘Foreign Imposed’ are going to be ‘Fair & Lawful’. Do you honestly believe these systems which have been imposed upon the ‘Victim’ who in this case are the ‘Genealogical and Biological Descendants of the Lawful Owners of the lands which the Foreign Invaders stand upon’ are not going to express ‘Lawful Justice’ or on the other hand is it going to be ‘Corrupted by Prejudice’ as to cover up and endorse the ‘Crime’.

Each ‘Victim’ had a ‘Name’ and more than that they had a ‘Right to Life’, they had a ‘Right to enjoy all the Privileges you take for Granted that to include Children’ and by killing each and every single one of them ‘They have been Denied that Right’ with each and every person who would have ‘Descended from them simply Compounding the depth of the Crime’. Additionally to this the crime is further compounded by the ‘Descendents’ of those ‘Historically recorded Perpetrators’ who habitually actuate and perpetuate the ‘Crime’ in order to ‘legitimate their presence. It is a ‘Fact’ that the only countries to date who have openly ‘Acknowledged’ this ‘Crime’ and who have attempted at some level to ‘Repair the Damage’ done to ‘Indigenous Peoples’ are ‘America, Canada and Australia’ all of whom are the ‘Youngest Nations on Earth’ and ‘All of whom returned some measure of lands to the Native Peoples’; those countries should be ‘Proud of that Fact’.

It is ‘Impressive to talk about these issues’ when you are on the other side of the coin and to ‘Debate Justice’, I have no ‘Human Rights’ (Actual) because of ‘Judicial Perversion’ (Foreign Imposed) and my ‘Nation’ are not ‘Free’ their ‘Government’ is in ‘Name Only’ again (Foreign Imposed) along with ‘Foreign Law’ also imposed and has been for centuries – Justify That – if you cannot ‘Recognize in Law a Nations Right to be Free, how will you ever recognize any single individuals Right to be Free’.

I record and operate within the fields of ‘genealogy & history’ all of which identify those people ‘Modern people express indifference to’ however the ‘Crimes of the Past’ have a habit of ‘Reoccurring’ so how should you be recorded and remembered when the ‘Shoe is on the other foot’. They say: A leopard cannot change its spots’ so how can a people along with their descendents change when they won’t even ‘Accept’ that they have ‘Perpetrated Crimes’.

As for the ‘Descendents’ of these ‘People’ they are clearly ‘Guilty’ since ‘History’ records each and every crime as a ‘Perpetuation’ of the ‘Original Crime’ (Justice is a Bitter Pill but then so is the Truth) it does not mean that every person is ‘Bad’ or ‘Supports the Crime’ since clearly that is not the case. If you cannot accept there has been a crime and try to make amends then how can you visibly affect a change in people like ‘Me’ who have ‘No human Rights’ and are ‘Displaced in Law’?  

The fact is that ‘Historical Injustices’ never ceased they continue even to this day as an ‘Epitome of Evil’ affecting both ‘You’ and ‘Myself’.

Nothing will change until peoples attitudes change in relation to ‘Authority, the Victim and Themselves’ whilst recognizing that ‘Complacency is the Endorsement of a Crime’ – ‘Authority needs to accept Accountability’ – ‘Individuals need to develop Awareness in addition to Social Conscience’. Furthermore ‘Justice must stand Legitimately within the Sum of Itself as should All Lawful Institutions – without neither Distortion nor Perversion’ with the ‘Truth’ becoming ‘Paramount as the Actual undistorted Truth’.

Christopher © 2012