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State Crimes

Fraudulent Taxation

            There are basically three types of ‘Fraudulent Taxation’ with these being sub-categorised into two parts as:

(1) ‘Tax’ (Revenue) deducted from people who are ‘Inside the Law’ these people are recognised in ‘Law’ by both the ‘State’ and the ‘Justice System’ as being ‘Bound within the Law’ since the ‘State’ is claiming that it has provided this or these individuals with ‘Lawful Service’. Within this the ‘State’ is ‘Bound’ within the ‘Law’ both ‘National & Foreign’ – with these representing those ‘Legal & Law based Systems’ (Justice Stands upon this). Additionally the ‘Individual in Question’ is perceived as being ‘Bound’ within this or that ‘Nations Laws’ by ‘Both’ the ‘State’ and ‘Themselves’ with both being in ‘Agreement – to the Provision and Receipt of Lawful Service’. This individual is bound within the ‘Law’ however the ‘State’ is ‘Committing Fraud’ through the ‘Extraction’ and ‘Burden’ of ‘Excessive Taxation’; one may argue within this that any amount of ‘Revenue’ deducted at over ‘40% in Total’ from a persons ‘Wages’ or ‘Income’ becomes ‘Excessive’ since it ‘Restricts the Individuals ability to Survive’ (Impoverishment is Slavery through Abuse and that is a Crime).

(2) The next category relates to people who have been ‘Denounced in Law’ by the ‘State’ through the ‘Perversion of Justice’ with that ‘State’ claiming through that action that ‘This Person is Not a National’ therefore they are ‘Not Deserving of Lawful Service’ so within this they are placed outside the Law and outside Society through a failure of the State to Provide Lawful Service and/or take responsibility for ‘State Failures’. Compounding this ‘Crime’ the ‘State’ continues to ‘Deduct Revenues’ from this ‘Individual Unlawfully’ since they are ‘Denounced in Law’ therefore ‘Outside the Jurisdiction of the State’.
Clearly you cannot ‘Excluded people form Society’ on one hand then claim to have ‘Jurisdiction’ over them on the other since that would be a ‘Statement within itself’. A ‘Denouncement of Citizenship’ in ‘Law’ is a ‘Relinquishment of Jurisdiction’ therefore it is a ‘Crime in Law’ to ‘Fraudulently Extort Revenues’ from ‘People denounced in Law’. The ‘Crime’ would undermine both the ‘Nation’ along with the ‘Legitimacy of the State’ both of whom ‘Stand upon and are Bound within that Nations Law’ (Law is only Legitimate for as long as it is Legitimately Perceived – the same applies to any given State or Nation).
Compounding the afore mentioned ‘Crime’ is the ‘Issue’ relating to the ‘States’ inability to take ‘Responsibility for that Crime’ thereby ‘Repairing the Damage to the Individual through the Expungement of their Records’ that coupled with ‘Recompense for Damages Done by the State and Against the Individual’. Clearly ‘Deducting Tax’ (as Revenue) from members of the ‘Public’ whom are ‘Outside your Jurisdiction’ is a ‘Crime’ whether it is done with or without their consent since ‘Extorting Money’ from people ‘Unlawfully’ is a ‘Crime’ that becomes compounded by the sheer ‘Scale of Excessively High Tax Rates.

I have dealt with this issue to some degree within the book ‘The State of Injustice’ which was published in .Pdf early on in 2012; the book is free to download and relates to ‘Issues of Legitimacy within the Law’ some of which impact upon the public through the abuse of ‘Taxation’. You can ‘Read’ and ‘Review’ the book upon the ‘’ website in ‘FLASH’ format ‘Free & for Gratis’ (you will need to install a ‘Flash Viewer’ on your computer – there are ‘Free’ programs available to download off the ‘Internet’ (they may be required to activate 'Active X' and I recomend you do so, if not 'Download the Pdf version of the Book' - Your Human Rights are Important).

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Friday, 13 July 2012

The 7 Seal's

                   The ‘6 Seals’ of the ‘Beast’ & the ‘7th Seal of Christ’; this is an alternative perspective in relation to: ‘Time to Event’.

 This has to be the hardest issue I have dealt with, raised or published and to be honest I do it reluctantly never the less ‘if there is Issue and that Issue has Merit then it must be Raised – “The Sword of Justice Yields to No Man”.

Rome (1st Seal)
                        2,700 years ago when Rome 1st became a ‘Republic’ and after overthrowing its monarchy; ‘Rome’ signed a formal contract with ‘Lucifer’ (aka Beelzebub) beneath the ‘Statue’ of a ‘Great Bronze Bull’ which was a relic left over from the kingdom of ‘Bellos - Belok - Beloch - Belog’ (the kingdom of Bell who worshiped Beelzebub) and a time when ‘Rome also Worshiped the Beast’ it is also from where ‘Rome’ adopted that symbol ‘The Bloody Bull’ (The Red Bull Revered).

                        (The kingdom of ‘Bell’ was destroyed by ‘God’ many centuries prior to this event with that ‘Country’ as a ‘Sovereign State’ being ‘Reformed’ by ‘Man’ in very ‘Recent History’ – ‘Actuality’ is the ‘Truth’ without ‘Prejudice’.)

The ‘Super State’ at this point within ‘Human History’ was the ‘Peithos’ (Pictish Empire) which extended from the ‘Rheine Valley’ to the ‘Tip of Spain’ in what is today ‘Portugal’. Additionally the ‘Peithos’ extended ‘North’ to include the ‘Orkney and Shetlands Islands’ also the ‘Outer Hebrides’; as a ‘Super State’ it was compiled of ‘Gual’ (France), ‘Gualia’ (Southern Spain), ‘Gualatia’ (Northern Spain), ‘Arm’ called ‘Iwerddon’ (Ireland) and  ‘Edon’ called ‘Prytain’ (corrupted into Britain). The Religion of the ‘Druids’ being the established ‘Faith’ revolved around ‘Nature & Life’; their priests were called ‘Derwydd’ (Druids) who were ‘Truth Tellers’ (Purveyors of the Truth). The actual Druids were Scholars, Scientists, Mathematicians, Naturalists, Astronomers and Teachers who were charged with ‘Keeping the Count’ recording and purveying ‘Law’; the ‘Greeks’ record them as ‘Men of Eloquence, Teachers & Educators’ whose only weapon was a ‘Serpents Egg’ upon which they would ‘Curse perpetrators of Crimes’. They used a serpent’s egg over any other egg since it represented what they perceived as being ‘Evil on Earth’ with ‘Snakes’ being representative of that ‘Evil’ therefore the ‘Druids’ directed ‘Evil against Itself’. There are records of them ‘Teaching & Educating in Greece’ also records of them practicing as ‘Physicians’ treating people through ‘Surgery & Medicine’ between 500 & 900BCE. The Druids are the only people of science to have discovered ‘Cold Fire’, something neither modern technology nor science can replicate or mimic.

600 BC ‘Lucifer’ empowers ‘Rome’ by directing them against their ‘Neighbours’ (Neighbouring Countries) in which they ‘Defeat’ through a series of ‘Massacres’ those ‘Nations’ with that being followed by the ‘Enslavement’ of the surviving populace. These actions are the ‘Instruments’ by which ‘Rome Rises’ to a position of ‘High Power’ with that power being derived from the ‘Suffering, Torture’ and ‘Torment’ of others. One by one their ‘Neighbouring States’ fall to ‘Roman Conquest’ as the ‘Beast’ builds an ‘Empire’ founded upon ‘Slavery, Atrocity and Corruption’. Their grasp of ‘Perversion’ through the ‘Satanic Arts of Politics’ becoming the new means by which to ‘Manipulate’ and ‘Direct Other People and Nations’ its driving force is ‘Greed’. This ‘Art’ has been practiced by ‘Rome’ ever since and can be found within the ‘Historical Archives of Nations’; for within this ‘Rome’ strives through ‘Deceit’ to ‘Deceive, Direct and Control All’. Furthermore it is because of this policy that modern ‘Governments’ use ‘Politics’ as the ‘Platform’ upon which to stand so as too: ‘Direct through Distortion’ and ‘Control through Manipulation’ the ‘Masses’ all of whom are ‘Compiled from Us’ and whom combined form ‘Countries’ (Evidences are Available).

Rome (2nd Seal)

                        2,000 years ago ‘Rome’ falsely judged an ‘Innocent Man’ and ‘Practitioner of Humanity’ whom is perceived by many as being ‘God’s Son’ (Christopher) with this being the ‘1st Direct Attack’ upon ‘God’. Jesus the Nazarene is ‘Falsely Judged’ before being ‘Sentenced, Tortured & Persecuted’ in which ‘Rome’ through their ‘Agents Tear off his skin’ with ‘Whips & Barbs’ (Hooks on Cords) then ‘Rub Salt into his lacerated and Serrated Skin’ (Wounds). Roman Authorities ‘Crucify Him’ upon the ‘Cross of Persecution’ then ‘Kill him’ by thrusting a ‘Spear into his Side’. At this point in time the ‘Romans’ are ‘Pagan’, they worship many ‘Idols’ including the ‘Bull’ (Taurus) making daily ‘Sacrifices’ to these ‘Idols’ whilst ‘Practicing Atrocity’ and ‘Standing Directly’ against ‘God’ (Jehovah, Allah, Duw, Deus); (Historically Recorded - Admitted).

                        Additionally; by this time ‘Rome’ is now officially an ‘Empire’ having ‘Conquered by Force’ all the ‘Countries throughout the Aegean’ and extending the boundaries of that ‘Empire’ even as far as ‘Egypt’. Their ‘Invasions of the Peithos’ occurs through ‘France’ (Gaul) into ‘Spain’ (Gualatia and Gualia) then ‘Edon’ (Britain / Prytain) in 60BC; the speed of their invasion is increased through the exploitation of the ‘Pictish Road System’. During this period the early part of the 1st Century and within their ‘Invasion’ of ‘Britain’ (Prytain Corrupted); Rome declared war upon the ‘Druidic Faith’ which is founded upon the recognition, recording and the relating of the ‘Truth’; the ‘Druids’ recorded the ‘Truth’ in relation to both ‘Rome’ its ‘Politics’ and its ‘Conquests’. Within this ‘Rome’ perceiving the ‘Druids’ as being a threat to ‘Roman Rule’ and commenced a program of ‘Eradication’ with the ‘Druids’ retreating and consolidated themselves upon ‘Ynys Mona’ (Anglesey within the Satanic Tongue) where they were ‘killed on Mass’ – No Survivors; (Historically Recorded Event - Admitted).

However within the (above) clearly not all the ‘Druids’ were eliminated with some surviving upon the island of ‘Arm’ (Iu-edon / Iwerddon called Eire / Ireland) and others in ‘Gual’ (France) with these being converted to ‘Christianity’ by ‘Miri’ (Miriam) along with other ‘Disciples of Jesus’ they are recorded as ‘Culdees’ (Culda) and are from whom the ‘Cistercian Order’ is originally derived; it is they who were ‘Catuir-y-Cannolion’ which is probably translated as the ‘Keepers of the Vessel of the Sacred Heart’ which they must have been in possession of at some time in the past. (‘Catuir-y-Cannolion’ may mean something else – since it is Cryptic) ‘Catuir’ is clearly ‘Cadwr’ which means (Keeper), ‘y’ means (of the); whilst ‘Cannolion’ is interoperate and could mean something relating to the (Middle), (Heart) or (Other). We believe it is an encryption meaning (Vessel of the Sacred Heart) ‘Cannol’ means Middle whilst ‘Calon’ means Heart, ‘Cannol–ion’ would mean greater than the Middle or Middle Extended or something containing the Middle (a vessel). There is a document relating to this along with references to ‘Catuir’ as the ‘Keepers’ photographs of which can be found within the books on there are supporting evidences for this ‘Interpretation’.

Additionally to this I should point out that the ‘Culdees’ wore a ‘White Habit’ as opposed to the ‘Black habits’ associated with the ‘Catholic Church’ or other ‘Christian Orders’ with the exception of the ‘Franciscan’ & ‘Benedictine Orders’ who mostly wore ‘Brown’. Additionally and clearly with some branches and divisions of the ‘Catholic Clergy’ wearing ‘Scarlet Robes’ or ‘Bands’ to symbolise the colour of ‘Blood’ and to highlight ‘Roman Rule’ (Domination).

Within the ‘Middle Ages’, ‘Rome’ had a ‘Sister Church’ in ‘France’ (Gual) that actually ‘Practiced Christianity’ until it was ‘Overthrown by Rome’; this involved the ‘Annihilation of the Order’. That ‘Church’ along with the ‘Christian Monks’ whom founded it; practiced the ‘Doctrine of Jesus’ which was ‘Humanity’ expressed through ‘Compassion’. This was the ‘Church of the Twin Cross’ () it was founded upon and around the fact that they held the ‘Pinnacle’ of the ‘Actual Cross’ (4th piece - upper section); ‘Rome Stole that Section’ along with the ‘Churches Wealth’ through the ‘Murder’, ‘Desecration’ and ‘Violation’ of that ‘Temple to God’ which was a ‘2nd Physical Attack upon God’.

For the record: People had to force donations upon that ‘Brotherhood of Christianity’ or ‘Leave them Anonymously’ on the ‘Doorstep’ of the ‘Monastery’ and their ‘Church’ as ‘Payment, Donations and Recompense’ for all the ‘Compassion’, ‘Charity’ and ‘Humanity’ expressed by this one group of ‘Monks’ all of whom formed something ‘Truly Christian’. They neither ‘Asked’ nor ‘Begged’ but ‘Gave’ without ‘Thought of Reward’ and ‘Helped Many People in Dire Need’, the ‘Bulk of the Donations’ went back into their ‘Local Community’ so as to ‘Build and Support Stability for All’. None of the ‘Gold’ they were given was kept by them with the rest going to the ‘Glorification of God’ through the provision of an ‘Inspirational Temple’ devoted to both ‘Him’ and his ‘Followers’ with this being provided for the ‘benefit of All’. For and within this there is a moral: ‘a well fed man is no burden to others whilst a starving man becomes one, a defeated man is hopeless whilst an inspired man projects ‘Hope’; (Evidences are Available).

Rome (3rd Seal)

                        With the ‘Rise of Christianity’ in the ‘1st, 2nd & 3rd centuries Anno Domini’ which is ‘Empowered’ via the ‘Killing’ and ‘Suffering of Jesus’ upon the ‘Cross’; this along with the ‘Dedication’ of his ‘Followers and Disciples’ during the aftermath of that ‘Crime’ and with the ‘Druidic Faith’ having been eradicated in about 60AD (the Boadicea Revolt). ‘Rome’ commences a ‘Series of Campaigns’ against the ‘New Found Faith’(Christianity) which is being ‘Established in Greece, France, Britain, Egypt’ and throughout the ‘Roman Empire’ it is seen as being a new found ‘Threat to Roman Authority’. This ‘Man’ named ‘Jesus’ is perceived by ‘Rome’ as being the ‘Jewish’ and ‘Islamic Messiah’ called ‘Christopher’ who for centuries has been prophesised as ‘Coming’ and being the ‘Son of God’; hence the name ‘Christianity’ which is derived from ‘Christopher’ and being based upon that name. Furthermore ‘Christianity’ as a ‘Faith’ representing and being built upon the ‘Expression of Humanity, Charity and Compassion’ which all faiths ‘Agree’ he will ‘Represent’ whilst at the same time they ‘All Accept’ that this ‘Christopher’ will represent and project ‘Gods Justice & Judgement’ upon the ‘World’.

1,700 years ago there are ‘Three Persecutions’ of the ‘Early Christians’ with many being ‘Thrown to Lions, Tied to Posts and Burned Alive’; others being ‘Basted in Oils and Tar at Roman Parties then set on Fire so that Romans could enjoy their Screams’ (These were called ‘Roman Candles’). The Romans ‘Killed for Sport’ with many ‘1,000’s of people Dying within the Arena’ or being ‘Crucified’ or simply ‘Tortured to Death’; this is the ‘3rd Physical Attack upon God’ through the ‘Persecution of the Christian Doctrine’. History records the facts therefore (Evidences are Available).

Rome (4th Seal)

                        1,800 years ago ‘Rome Usurps’ the ‘Church of Christianity’ along with the ‘Doctrine of Jesus of Nazareth’ who expressed ‘Humanity through his Actions’ seeing it as a ‘New Found Power’ which could be ‘Exploited’ through ‘Preaching’ and within this they ‘Directed the Blind Faithful’ against the ‘Peoples’ of other ‘Faiths’. The ‘Usurpation of Christianity’ being a ‘Manipulation of that Faith’ with this allowing ‘Rome’ to command, gain and gather great ‘Wealth’ and ‘Power’ over the ‘Followers of Jesus’. This being done by directing these ‘Christians’ against ‘Other Nations’ and ‘Foreign Cultures’ for and within this it became the ‘Policy of Rome’ to ‘Manipulate Christ’ until ‘Recent History’. I think we can all agree that ‘Jesus of Nazareth’ would have oppose every single thing through his actions that Christianity as a faith has exerted and expressed against Humanity and the World through the Exploitation of the Roman Doctrine and their Perverse Politics.

                        Torturing and Murdering Jews, Muslims and Pagans into excepting Christianity was not the Doctrine of Christ as either Jesus or Christopher it is a Crime against God and a Mortal Sin (we all stand before God one way or another).
                        Jesus picked up a stone and cast it upon the floor in front of the mob declaring to them “Thou who is without sin cast the 1st stone”; (He himself did not harm anyone ‘did he?’ nor did he through his actions ‘Express Violence’).

                        Within this same period of time ‘Rome’ commits the ‘Crime of Genocide’ through the ‘Deliberate and Calculated Action’ of ‘Systematically Killing’ all the ‘Slaves of Rome’ of whom there were estimated to be somewhere between ‘1,500 to 10,000 slaves per Roman Man, Woman and Child’ throughout the ‘Roman Empire’. The vast bulk of ‘Killings’ were committed by the ‘Military’ at the ‘Instruction’ of either the ‘Roman Senate’ or the ‘Church of Rome’ with the actual ‘Crime’ being committed ‘Outside Rome’ in a ‘Valley’ which is recorded in ‘Infamy’ as the ‘Valley of the Damned’ (Vale of the Enslaved). The argument of ‘Rome’ at this time being ‘Fear of Retaliation’ by the ‘Slaves’ had they released them on ‘Roman soil’, ‘Fear of Bands’ and ‘Hoards of Slaves’ seeking ‘Revenge’ against the ‘Romans’ for centuries of ‘Slavery & Atrocity’ for and within this they were killed on ‘Mass’; (No Country on Earth Records the Return of the Slaves of Rome – Physical Evidences are Available – although few wish to Acknowledge their Existence).

                        During this same time period ‘Rome’ laid the foundations of ‘Vatican City’ which is ‘Anointed’ in the ‘Blood of Innocence’; (this is the Blood of the ‘Slaves Killed’ in the ‘Valley of the Damned’). The majority of their bodies are ‘Burned’ with their ‘Bone Fragments’ being ‘Crushed’ and used to bind the ‘Foundation Stones’ together whilst the rest of the bodies are discarded in ‘Wells, Sewers and Cellars’. 

                        Compounding the (Above) ‘Rome’ wished to ‘Deceive the Followers of Jesus’ by making him an ‘Only Child’ which would allow them to ‘Exploit his Divinity’ by taking away any ‘Doubt over Conception’. They instigated a ‘Policy’ of hunting down and ‘Assassinating his Mortal Family’ (Brothers, Sisters along with their descendants). Additionally they ‘Attacked’ and ‘Destroyed’ the ‘Original Churches of Christianity’ which were ‘Founded’ by the ‘Disciples of Jesus’ with ‘Rome’ superimposing their ‘Perception of Christianity’ upon the ‘World’ with that being ‘Expressed through Words’ and not ‘Practiced through Gesture or Actions’; this is the ‘4th Physical Attack upon God’.

                        The attacks upon the ‘Mortal family’ of ‘Jesus of Nazareth’ ended with their ‘Complete Eradication in 1277AD’ during the ‘2nd War of Wales’ in which ‘280,000 people whom defended them were also Murdered in Cold Blood’ (after their Surrender) all of which was ‘Sanctioned’ and ‘Directed by Rome’ through the ‘Control of the Satanic Forces’; these being the ‘Saxons’ and ‘Normans’ [neither Beast Nor-Man] who had been supported by Rome to the Invasion and Conquest of Britain and the Annihilation of the British and Pictish Peoples since the time when ‘Vortigern High King of the Britons evicted Rome through Constantine in 420AD’. These two ‘Races’ (Saxons & Normans) are in deed the ‘Two Beasts’ who like ‘Brothers’ are ‘Bound through Bloodshed’ and whom ‘Merged’ within a ‘Singular Identity’; they stand upon the ‘Desecration and Violation of Innocence’ with ‘History’ recording their ‘Actions and Deeds’ as a ‘Perpetual & Repetitive series of Atrocities’ (An Epitome of Evil).

                        This ‘Language – English’ (the Satanic Tongue) being invented 600 years ago so as to ‘Usurp’ and ‘Manipulate through Deception’ the ‘World’ – (History Records).

                        Between 360AD and 420AD Rome commenced a series of ‘Negotiations’ with all the ‘Christian Monarchs’ within ‘Western Europe’ agreeing through ‘Charter’ the ‘Sovereignties of Nations’ with these relating to the ‘Sovereignties of All the Christian Kingdoms’ with their ‘Boundaries’ being both ‘Defined’ and ‘Secured’ through ‘Papal Charter’.

In additionally to the (above) the ‘Christian Kings Genealogies’ were secured as ‘Right by Descent’ along with all their other ‘Birth Rights’ these becoming ‘Secured’ via a ‘Papal Recognition’ of those Rights, thus the ‘Pope in Rome Anointed’ all the ‘Christian Kings’ thereby ‘Securing those Rights’ with this being done in ‘Exchange’ for a ‘Recognition’ and ‘Acceptance’ to the ‘Papal Sovereignty’ which is today called ‘Vatican City’ (Negotiated, Agreed and Accepted under Oath as a Pledge upon Both Sides). This was done to ‘Hide the Crime’ however all the ‘Christian Kings’ were ‘Aware of’ and ‘Recorded’ that ‘Crime’ for ‘Posterity’ since ‘Few Trusted Rome’ who soon afterwards started ‘Instigating Wars’ by ‘Turning King’ against ‘King’ with their ‘Priests’ becoming propagators of ‘Politics’; having more in common with ‘Assassins’ and ‘Spies’ than representatives of any ‘True Christian Church’.

Within the (above) most of the ‘Christian Kings’ were ‘Christianized’ by the ‘Disciples of Christ’ (Jesus of Nazareth) who ‘Practiced Humanity’ these therefore were ‘Actual Christians’ who ‘Empathised’ with people and ‘Supported them’ through an expression and understanding of the term ‘Compassion’ (the ‘Original Disciples’ being perceived as ‘Sheppard’s’ who practiced and expressed ‘Peace’ for and within that they ‘Stood Closer to both God & Heaven’).

In relation to this just how many ‘Monarchs’ who ‘Signed that Initial Papal Charter’ actually retain either their ‘Sovereignties’ or their ‘Nations Borders’ or their ‘Crowns’ as ‘Anointed Christian Kings’ today?

The ‘Failure’ of the ‘Roman Catholic Church’ to ‘Uphold’ and ‘Honour’ their ‘Treaty of Sovereignties’ with the ‘Anointed Kings’ merely highlights all the ‘Issues’ that are exposed via the endorsement of ‘Rome’s’ acceptance and ‘Anointing’ of ‘False Kings’ all of whom manipulate ‘Genealogies’ to Legitimate’ their claims to ‘Crowns’ they have stolen through ‘Mass Murder’ and ‘Atrocity’; none of which any ‘Legitimate Christ’ would ‘Endorse’. These ‘Issues’ merely serve to ‘Highlight’ and ‘Expose’ the sheer extent or measure of ‘Evil Intention’ along with the ‘Depth of their Deceit’.

In fact none of the ‘British High Kings’ nor their ‘Descendants’ nor the ‘Picts’ nor ‘Scotts’ nor ‘Welsh’ (as Cymbric Princes and Kings) were ‘Supported by Rome’ nor do they ‘Retain’ their ‘Crowns, Titles or Sovereign Rights’ in ‘Perpetuity for their Nations’. In fact their ‘Nations of Peoples’ have been virtually ‘Annihilated’ by the ‘English Satanic Races’ who were ‘Directed, Driven’ and ‘Supported’ by ‘Rome’ with the only actual ‘Independent Sovereignty’ being retained is by ‘Vatican City’ (Rome).

Within this they ‘Absolved’ the ‘English’ (Saxons, Normans & Danes) in exchange for ‘British Gold & Relics’ and ‘Excommunicated’ the ‘Indigenous Peoples’ along with their ‘Kings & Princes’ for being ‘Faithful Christians’ and for ‘Opposing Beasts, Daemons and Devils’ on ‘Earth’ whilst at the same time ‘Defending that Church’ along with the ‘Faith of Christianity’; (Truth without Prejudice for this is the Truth – as History Records & God now Knows).

The ‘Persecutions of Christianity’ within ‘Britain’ commenced after 420AD through the ‘Roman Bishop Germanicus’ who was directed by ‘Rome’ to force ‘Roman Christianity’ upon the ‘1st Churches of Christ’, Bishop Germanicus expressed Christianity and Roman Authority by ‘Murdering Priests’ and ‘Stealing Relics’ (Evidences are Available).  Compounding this is the ‘Fact’ that ‘Rome’ has always supported the ‘Saxons & Normans’ through ‘Absolution of Sin’ upon the ‘Pretext’ that they were ‘Converting Satanic Souls’ who were ‘Beasts on Earth’. Their claim being that they would be of benefit to ‘God’s Army’ whereas in point of ‘Fact’ what ‘God’ whom is perceived by any man as being ‘Good’ would support or sanction such a ‘Sin’ upon the part of any ‘Church’.

This being for the ‘Abandon’ of the ‘True & the Faithful’ to the ‘Violation’ and ‘Brutality’ of ‘Satanic Beasts’ is beyond ‘Justification’; these ‘Races Spiked Babies of Stakes Circumventing Towns, Villages and Cities’ (these Crimes were committed on Mass).

‘Babies’ were dragged from their ‘Mothers arms’ and thrown ‘Screaming into Fires’ whilst ‘Little Children’ were ‘Cleaved in Two’ their ‘Body Parts Discarded’ or ‘Skewered on Spikes and Stakes’ all of which that ‘Church in Rome’ has both ‘Sanctioned and Endorsed’ whilst stating that A/ the ‘Souls’ of the ‘Innocent Converted’ were already saved and B/ This ‘Church’ also claims it is ‘Sanctioned by God’s Son’ to ‘Commit Human Violation’. (As a point of ‘Historical Fact’: Jesus did not Sanction nor Endorse either Violence not Atrocity with his Actions Attesting to This). So how can this ‘Church Genuinely Justify’ the abandonment of ‘Gods Children’ to the ‘Brutality of these Satanic Beasts’.

Clearly ‘IF’ the ‘Son of God’ was to stand upon this plain today he would through his actions oppose this church with every ‘Iota and Fibre of his Being – ‘Wouldn’t He?

Who says that the ‘Dead’ have walked through the ‘Gates of Heaven’ to receive ‘Absolution & Redemption’?

Who says that the ‘Innocent’ are not standing ‘Obstructing that Gate in Protest’ for all the crimes that have been committed by ‘Beasts on Earth’; None of which was ‘Sanctioned by God’ who bore ‘Each and Every Soul into this World on Equal Terms’ with ‘Each Individual Having a Right to Life’.

In point of Fact the ‘Lord God’ did not bare even one ‘Soul’ into this ‘World’ in order for it to be ‘Abused’ or ‘Defiled’ by any ‘Satanic Beast or Force’ and any ‘Church’ or ‘Priest’ that either ‘Endorses’ or ‘Sanctions’ such a ‘Crime’; ‘Stands Directly Against God’ (Now isn’t that True).

In ‘Actuality’ what would any ‘God’ who is ‘Good’ and the ‘Creator of All Things’ want with a ‘Beast’ or ‘Hoards of Beasts’ when A/ He Created All Things therefore He Can End All Things; and B/ the ‘Faithful’ are ‘Devout’? So within this ‘Sin is Sin’ and some ‘Sins’ like the ‘Desecration or Violation of Innocence’ are ‘Beyond Absolution’.

Rome (5th Seal)

                        1st Millennium; ‘Rome’ directs ‘Christianity’ against the ‘Holy City of Jerusalem’ this being the ‘5th Physical Attack upon God’ (Jehovah, Allah, Duw, Deus); it is the instrument by which the ‘Son of Lucifer’ (Anton Iblis) aka (Anton ibn Lis/Luc) will be allowed to enter the ‘World’; he will stand upon the ‘Blood of Innocence’ which has ‘Anointed the Ground’ within the ‘Western Hemisphere for over 2,500 years’ and within this ‘He will walk upon’ and ‘He will be Accepted’ by the ‘Vatican’ upon which also stands upon the ‘Blood of Innocence’ (this being the Inverted Church).

The attack upon ‘Jerusalem’ along with the ‘List of Atrocities’ stemming from those ‘Repetitive Attacks’ are ‘Historically recorded’ with the ‘Son of Lucifer’ (Anton / Antonius / Antony / Anthony) being accepted at the end of this next ‘Millennium’. Additionally this ‘Time Period 1,000AD to 2,000AD’ is the beginning of the ‘Perversion of Humanity’ within which a 1,000 year war of ‘Prejudice’ and ‘Perversion’ through the ‘Satanic Arts’ of ‘Politics and Persecution’ will be conducted (History records both Deeds & Events).

This millennium also records 1,000’s of ‘Wars, Battles & Atrocities’ some conducted like those against: Britain, Scotland, Ireland, France, India and Africa along with many other Countries containing Indigenous peoples as ‘Systematic’ and ‘Repetitive attacks’ all of which culminate in either ‘Genocide’ as ‘Individual Acts of Atrocity’ or as ‘Accumulative Acts of Genocide’ resulting within the ‘Act of Annihilation’. Most of these wars are directed by ‘Rome’ through the ‘Perverse Abuse of Christianity’ and the ‘manipulation of Christ’. (History records)

Rome (6th Seal)

                        2nd Millennium; The ‘Son of Lucifer’ (Antony) is accepted into the faith of ‘Christianity’ by the ‘Church of Rome’ (Vatican City) who’s ‘Senior Priest’ (the Pope) bares the ‘Symbol’ of the ‘Beast’ (a Red Bull) upon his ‘Forehead’ (openly and before the World) this is the ‘Sign of Recognition’ the ‘Symbol & Acceptance of Lucifer’s Over lordship’. This being the ‘Final Violation’ within the ‘Eyes of God’ which is called the ‘6th Seal – and the Abandonment’ for within this ‘People’ have ‘Rejected God’ through the ‘Actions of this Church’ therefore ‘Our Lord whom is God’ (Jehovah, Allah, Duw, Deus) sends his son ‘Christopher’ (called Christ) to ‘Pass Judgement’ upon the ‘World’ and all those whom ‘Sanction, Endorse and/or Support’ these ‘Three Satanic Beasts’ along with those ‘Crimes’ that these ‘Beasts have Committed against Gods Ordinance’.

                        Named in Revelation: The Pious Beast (a Religious Faith) whose collective populace in ‘Rome’ forms ‘Babylon’ and whom are aided and supported by the Two Brothers (Two Beasts) – ‘You know Them’.

Christopher (7th Seal)

                        ‘Judgement’: and what ‘Thou has Done unto Others, so: Let that be Done unto You’; for and within this, is the ‘Judgement of the Lord’ (who is God) and ‘You are Judged’ within that; (the 7th and Final Seal).

Quote:The Angel of the Lord spoke to John saying unto him: ‘Do not interfere with the forces of Evil, let Evil be done’ Revelation 22:11; for the Lord is drawing out that Beast like Poison from a Wound that all shall see them and know them. For the Lord sayeth: ‘I am coming like a thief in the night and blessed is he who is awake’ Revelation 16:15 that I may catch them upon the place; where they will be bound and trapped beneath the heads of the innocent dead. Captured and caught upon the decapitated corpses ‘thrown down’ and where I will meet them upon the plains of Armaghedon (Arm and Edon) ‘Arm-agh-Edon’ (ag hiraeth yn iaith ni ydan ni yn dweud ‘Arm-ag-Edon’) Revelation 16:16. There ‘Judgment shall be made upon them’ Revelation 18:10 and all shall know the ‘Judgment of the Lord who is God’; Revelation 18:20 although aren’t they already judged upon their deeds and their actions. ‘Judge and be Judged’ and within that ‘you are trapped within the action’ for the ‘Lord of Hosts’ has spoken and you are ‘Judged’ for ‘what you have done unto others so shall that be done unto you’ Revelation 22:12 and all these things that you have already done have been done against the laws of God’s Covenant.”

Quote: “Who falsely Judged Jesus of Nazareth and Who flayed the skin from his body with Whips and Barbs?
Who Crucified and killed him, Nailed him to the Cross?
Who Usurped his Doctrine destroying the original churches of his followers supplanting their own in their place, tortured and executed the original Christian shepherds?
Who tortured and murdered the 1st Martyrs throwing them to Lions and wild Beasts making Candles from their living souls, killing them for Sport & Pleasure.
Who hunted down and executed the Mortal family of Jesus one by one Generation after Generation so as to project him as an only child?
Who slaughtered the Missing Slaves trapping their souls in Limbo Patrum?
How many are trapped beneath your feet in that great city of Babylon?”

Revelation 18:10; ‘In One Hour thy Judgment has Come’

                        What is written above is indeed ‘Gods Judgement’ which can be found and is recorded within the ‘Scriptures of Christianity, Judea and Islam’; it is an ‘Apt Judgement’ because if ‘You can Justify or Commit a Crime’ then it is only fitting that ‘You Endure that Crime’ so as to ‘Understand and Experience for Yourself what it is You Sanction Upon or Against Others’. Within the (Above) what ‘Surrounds You’, what you ‘Stand Upon’ or ‘Beneath’ binds you for and within ‘Your Actions You are Defined’ – ‘If You can stand Upon It’ then through that action ‘You Sanction’ and ‘Endorse that Crime’ – ‘If babies were Burned Alive’ or ‘Spiked on Stakes Circumventing Towns, Villages and Cities’ by ‘Your Ancestors’ just so that you could ‘Stand upon and Steal their Right to Life’, then via ‘Your Presence Upon that Crime You Sanction and Endorse that Action’ you are ‘GUILTY’.

                        There is no ‘Absolution’ for the ‘Desecration’ or ‘Violation of Innocence’ and ‘Redemption’ is ‘Hard Earned’; if ‘You Extend No Mercy’ then ‘Ask not for Mercy’ – ‘Your Own Hand Wields the Knife against you’.

                        For within this ‘You shall be Placed within the Body of your Victim at their moment of Trial where You shall Endure the Suffering You Inflict upon Them’; the only ‘Actual Physical Hell’ can be found beneath ‘Vatican City’ it is a ‘Place of their Making’ and where the ‘Souls of the Enslaved can be Found’ with those ‘Priests who Sanction and Endorse that Crime Taking the Place of Their Victims where they will be Trapped for an Eternity in Perpetuem’ (Perpetuity).

                        Judgement – Barnu - It is Done!

            In relation to everything written here the following links are to books held upon the ‘Paw-Lew’ website which you can download in .Pdf or .Flash; they contain ‘Genealogical’ and ‘Historical Evidences’ that support the above.

            Christianity as a faith was always intended to be an expression of ‘Humanity’ clearly the people who identify themselves as being ‘Christians’ are failing within this ‘Perception, Expression and Projection’ of ‘Compassion and Mercy’.

Never the less: The concept of ‘Hope’ is the ‘Eternal Star’ within the ‘Human Heart’ with most people being ‘Human at Heart’ – Change Something.

Standing within Revelation

History of the Sang-Royal

The Grail

The House of Mathrafal

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Thursday, 5 July 2012

Consolidating Nationality

            This should be envisaged as being a ‘Protocol for Nationalism’.

            Are ‘National identities’ a ‘Human Right’ in ‘Law’ or do ‘Non Indigenous’ peoples as ‘Foreign Invaders’ whether ‘Minority’ or ‘Majority’, ‘Passive’ or ‘Aggressive’ have ‘More Rights in Law’ than the ‘Legitimate Inhabitants’ of the ‘Country’. Within this the ‘Indigenous Peoples’ are not only the ‘Natives’ but ‘God Placed’ with all those lands being theirs; additionally it should be ‘Noted’ that ‘All the Rights’ awarded to the ‘Native People’ are from ‘Foreign Imposed Law’ and not ‘Native too, Recognised by, Accepted or Introduced’ by the ‘Indigenous’ themselves.

            So within the ‘above’ and for the ‘record’:

‘All the lands stolen through atrocity are the property of the Indigenous’ with any and all ‘Foreign Peoples’ being ‘Guilty of Theft’ through the ‘Invasion’ of those lands which is ‘Legalised’ through ‘Foreign Law’ which can be supported as either:

1.      An act of ‘Aggressive Invasion’ that stems from and results in a series of ‘Assaults via the perpetration of Atrocity’ with them resulting within the ‘Achievement’ of either ‘Displacement of the Native Peoples’ and/or the ‘Extermination of the Native Peoples’ so that the ‘Foreign People’ can ‘Claim’ the ‘lands of the Indigenous’ as their being ‘Own’ (this accomplishment is achieved through the use of Systematic and Repetitive acts of Violence & Atrocity which are scaled upon and driven through acts of Terror and Horror).
The ‘Foreign People’ pass ‘Laws of Self Empowerment’ through their ‘Own perverted Authority’ with this ‘Legitimating their Crimes’ which are governed by an ‘Intention to Steal’ (a Deliberate and Considered Action). Furthermore this attempt at ‘Legalising’ the ‘Crime’ allows them to ‘Unlawfully Acquire’ through the ‘Abuse of Law’ coupled with ‘Self Sanctioned’ or ‘Self Justified Violence’ your country and resources with all of this being achieved through the ‘Crimes’ of ‘Perversion’ coupled with ‘Murder on Mass’ (None of which is Legal).
Compounding the ‘Action of Atrocity’ the ‘Descendants’ of the ‘Invader’ become ‘Guilty of Sanctioning the Crime’ through their ‘Continued Presence’; with these ‘Descendents’ of the ‘Perpetrators’ of the ‘Crimes’ attesting to the ‘Legitimacy of the Action’ through their continued ‘Occupation’; these people being ‘Satan placed’ (Standing against God).  Those ‘Actions and Crimes’ (Committed) were all Deliberate’ with the measure and scale of the ‘Atrocity Applied’ coupled with their measure of their continued ‘Indifference & Malevolence’ to those ‘Crimes’ exposing their ‘Failure to Accept Accountability’ with this also serving to inhibiting them from recognising the sheer ‘Depth or Scale of their Crimes’.

2.      ‘Passive Invasion’ is every bit as ‘Unlawful’ since the ‘Intention’ is to ‘Displace the Indigenous people’ through ‘Exploitation’ with this also allowing them to ‘Steal’ through ‘Deceit’ that ‘Nations Lands, Rights and Resources’; these people are also ‘Satan placed’ (Standing against God) the ‘Actions’ and ‘Crimes they Commit’ are all ‘Deliberate’ having been ‘Considered in Great Detail’ before hand’.
Compounding the (above) there are many reasons for inviting ‘Foreign Peoples’ into ‘Countries’ acquired through ‘Crime and Conquest’ with the ‘Occupiers of that Country’ now seeking to ‘Conceal the ‘Measure’ and ‘Depth’ of their ‘Crimes’ beneath the ‘Influx of Foreign Invited’
(this being done in the hope that ‘God’ will be ‘Forgiving’). The ‘Intention’ being to ‘Conceal’ the ‘Scale’ of the ‘Crime’ beneath the ‘Innocent Invited’ with them being ‘Ignorant of the Crime’ and this serving to either ‘Condemn’ the ‘Innocent’ through ‘Association’ or to ‘Evade Gods Judgement’ through the ‘Concealment’ of the ‘Crime’ beneath the ‘Body of Innocence’ (this highlighting both ‘Guilt’ and an intention to ‘Evade’). 

            Clearly any ‘Failure in Law’ upon the part of the ‘Foreign Invader’ to recognise the ‘Rights in Law’ of the ‘Natives’ undermines the ‘Rights of the Invader’ along with the ‘Identities, Nationalities and Sovereignties’ of the ‘Invading peoples’. This to include their ‘Countries of Origin’ with them being ‘Dissolved in Law’ since within their ‘Failure to recognise Your Rights’ they through the statement they make ‘Relinquish their Own’; this ‘Statement’ which is built upon their ‘Actions’ and as an (example only) would state:

“People of Any Nationality by Origins’ and as ‘Descendants’ of the ‘Perpetrators of Invasion’ would ‘Dissolve their Country of Origins’ through their ‘Failure in Law’ to recognise the ‘Rights of the Indigenous Nationality’ coupled with that ‘Nations Right’ to whom they (The Perpetrator extended) as a ‘People’ have or are in the process of: ‘Systematically’ and ‘Repetitively Attacking’ or ‘Persecuting’ through their ‘Continued Unrelenting Occupation’ of that country”.

Their ‘Continued Presence’ attests to the ‘Measure of Indifference’ and this exposing a ‘Malevolent Intention’ with that standing to ‘Sanction’ the ‘Crimes Committed’. The ‘Perpetrator’ within the ‘Above’ are the ‘Original Invaders’; the ‘Perpetrator Extended’ being the ‘Descendants’ of the ‘Original Perpetrators’ who through their ‘Continued Presence’ are both ‘Extending through Continuation’ and  ‘Extenuating the Crimes’ through ‘Occupation’.

Compounding this the ‘Perpetrators Country of Origins’ would be ‘Accountable in Law’ for the actions of its ‘Indigenous’ since they are the ‘People’ who form and give ‘Claim to that Identity’ (Not only do they stem from that nation they are clearly the responsibility of that nation – had they not invaded they would not be here/there).

The ‘Issue’ here, being that the ‘Perpetrators of the Crimes’ were indeed ‘Foreign’ therefore the ‘Continued presence of these Foreign Descendants’ within or upon the lands belonging to the ‘Country Invaded’ (Victim) endorses the ‘Argument’ that the ‘Foreign People’ (Perpetrators) as a ‘Nation’ both ‘Sanctions’ and ‘Endorse’ the ‘Crime of Invasion’ against the ‘Indigenous peoples’ of another ‘Nation’ (Victim). Furthermore the ‘Continued Presence’ of their ‘Native Descendants’ standing as an ‘Endorsement to the Crime’ with this being ‘Sanctioned by their Country of Origins’ whose ‘Populace’ they are by ‘Genealogical Descent’; this act of ‘Endorsing’ the crime ’Dissolving that Country’ as a ‘Nation, in Law’; (The argument is included as an example only and is not intended as a personal attack on ‘Any Nation’, only to highlight an Issue in relation to invasion – it is an Argument).

            “Clearly within this there is a ‘Point of Law’ with all ‘Legal Systems Standing’ or ‘Falling’ over their ‘Ability’ to ‘Ascribe Justice For & Over this Issue’. In reality this is a ‘System Breaker’ since if ‘You Cannot Recognise the Rights of Other Nations in Law’ then through ‘Your Actions You Forfeit Your Own Nations Right’ – Justice will be Done”.

            A Nations statement: “I am my father’s son – legitimately born; I belong here” whereas all ‘Foreign Invaders’ stand upon ‘Theft through Murder’ which is the act of ‘Atrocity’ legitimated through the ‘Abuse of Unlawful law’ (They Legitimate the crime so as to Sanction the Attack). Ultimately they either ‘Occupy the lands Unlawfully’ thereby ‘Displacing the Indigenous’ or they ‘Ethnically Cleanse’ an ‘Area’ so that they can ‘Claim the Land’ as their ‘Own’ but no matter how many ‘Generations descend from them it is ‘Neither their Country nor their Property’, this is still a ‘Crime’.

            “Stand against God and you Relinquish your Faith in Him along with any Hope you had of Redemption – Thou Shalt Not Kill like Theft or Envy – was written in stone”.

            Nations of ‘Indigenous Peoples’ need to consolidate themselves ‘As Nations’ upon the ‘Male Gene’ of their ‘DNA’ from ‘Father to Son’ as ‘God Intended’, correlate and ‘Record’ your ‘Nations Genealogies’ starting with ‘One Family’ at a time, then the ‘Tribes’ which culminate and amalgamate ‘You’ as a ‘People’ into a ‘Nation’.

Your DNA can identify you to a ‘Specific Region’ within ‘Your Country of Origin’ all of which can then be used to ‘Identify you to/from or with’ a specific ‘Tribe or Clan’; record these ‘Tribes’ all of whom combine to ‘Form your Nation’.

            ‘Record’ your peoples ‘History of Oppression’ and the ‘Timescale’ over and upon which you as a ‘Nation’ have ‘Suffered’, build a ‘picture’ relating to the ‘Scale, Volume and Depths’ of these ‘Crimes’. Understand something relevant, ‘Your Nation of People’ (the Victims) are not ‘Numbers’ nor are they ‘Blank Faces’ nor are they some ‘Faceless Shadow lost in Time’; your ‘Perpetrators are Guilty’ and you the ‘Survivor’ has an ‘Obligation to the Dead Victims’ not only to ‘Win them Justice’ but to ‘Record their Existence’ thereby ‘Highlighting the Crime’.

            ‘Name’ and ‘Record’ as many ‘People by Name’ as you can by putting a ‘Face’ to them, ‘Detail’ where possible their ’Age’ along with the ‘Circumstances of their Death’ exposing as many ‘Facts’ as you can relating to ‘Time, Event and Circumstances’. Use as many ‘Historical Records & Archives’ as possible to ‘Detail’ and maintain the ‘Accuracy’ of the ‘Case’; additionally ‘Incorporate’ as many of these ‘Facts’ within your ‘National Genealogical Documentation’, (list all References – establishing Authenticity).

            Try where possible to use ‘Stone’, ‘Pen & Paper’, ‘Canvass & Paint’ (or Embroidery) irrelevant of the ‘Scale of the Document’ whilst remembering these ‘Documents’ need to be ‘Time Scaled’ (Governed and Based upon Descent in relation to Reality). They will get more complicated as you proceed however it is ‘Important’ that you maintain the ‘Accuracy & Authenticity’ of the ‘Genealogies’, so as to record as many ‘People as you can’ (Detail is Everything).

            The ‘Genealogies’ help to put a ‘Face’ upon both the ‘Individual Victim’ and the ‘Collective Victims’ with this helping to highlight the ‘Scale’ along with the ‘Depth’ of the ‘Atrocities’ committed against you. Do not ‘Dismiss Information’ relating to ‘Crimes & Atrocity’ on either side since these give a ‘Truer Picture’ not only to ‘Your Case’ but also within the argument of ‘Defence’ every ‘Person’ like every ‘Nation’ has a ‘Right in Law to Defend Against a Perpetrator’ whom in this case is the ‘Foreign Invader’.

            “Sanctuary through Mercy is one thing, Abuse of that Compassion within the measure of a Nations Humanity is quite another”.

            Under no circumstances should you compile this document upon a computer in digital format other than to back up and maintain your genealogical database; the ‘Main Genealogies’ for the ‘Nation’ should be as a ‘Document’ since this is more than just a ‘Tactile Document’ it projects an ‘Accurate Physical Record of the Events’ and under no circumstances should you ‘Underestimate the Significance of This’.

            ‘This Document will eventually become the Heart by which your Nation is seen by others, a history of your struggle to be ‘Free’ with each and every Human Heart that compiles that Nation beating through pain’ (Nobility is Born from such things).

            Many Nations are oppressed beneath the Boot and to be Free of that is a worthy Human Struggle or Cause, any nation whose ‘Laws’ sanction, support or endorse such ‘Crimes’ against any ‘People or Nation’ are ‘Equally Guilty’ as those ‘Committing the Crime of Conquest’.

·        Murder relates to one individual and it is a ‘Crime in law’.
·        Atrocity relates to ‘Murder on Mass’ and it is also a ‘Crime in Law’.
·        Genocide relates to ‘Multiple of Atrocities’ and it is also recognised as being a ‘Crime in law’.
·        Annihilation is comprised of the ‘Systematic’ and ‘Deliberate’ acts of ‘Genocide’ conducted over an ‘Extended period of Time’ as a ‘Continuous’ and ‘Repetitive’ series of actions all of which culminate within the act of ‘Annihilation’ which in essence is the ‘Complete Eradication of a People’; it is the most hideous and horrific of all crimes known to ‘Mankind’ with at least ‘Three Races’ of people being ‘Guilty in Law’ of ‘Committing, Sanctioning and Endorsing’ this ‘Crime against Humanity’. Two of these ‘Races’ merged as ‘One’ and that ‘One Nation of People’ have touched every ‘Nation of Earth’; they support a ‘False Language’ that was ‘Invented 600years ago’ to hide a ‘False Nation’ which stands upon ‘Annihilation’ the ‘Charge is Provable’ (History Records).

So: How many other nations also record ‘Crimes Committed’ by that ‘Nation of People’ all of whom hide beneath the ‘Identity’ of the ‘Nation they Annihilated’ just so they could ‘Steal’ that ‘Nation of Peoples Lands, Titles, Identities and Resources’; haven’t they ‘Used these resources’ to ‘Abuse Other Nations’?

They are named within ‘Revelation’ as the ‘Three Beast’; one represents ‘Religion’ with the other two being ‘Related’ as ‘Brothers United’.

Build your ‘Record of Atrocity’ relating to the ‘Crimes of the Past’ in relation to ‘Time’ extending from the ‘1st Incident’ as a progression to the ‘Latest Crime’ since all these ‘Individual Incidences’ and ‘Crimes’ are ‘Connected’; use a ‘Time Scale’ to project the ‘Scale of Atrocity’ since this ‘Highlights within itself the measure and depth of their Intent’ (as a deliberate Act).

            Christopher © 29/06/2012 (All Rights reserved)