Wednesday, 25 July 2012

State Crimes

Fraudulent Taxation

            There are basically three types of ‘Fraudulent Taxation’ with these being sub-categorised into two parts as:

(1) ‘Tax’ (Revenue) deducted from people who are ‘Inside the Law’ these people are recognised in ‘Law’ by both the ‘State’ and the ‘Justice System’ as being ‘Bound within the Law’ since the ‘State’ is claiming that it has provided this or these individuals with ‘Lawful Service’. Within this the ‘State’ is ‘Bound’ within the ‘Law’ both ‘National & Foreign’ – with these representing those ‘Legal & Law based Systems’ (Justice Stands upon this). Additionally the ‘Individual in Question’ is perceived as being ‘Bound’ within this or that ‘Nations Laws’ by ‘Both’ the ‘State’ and ‘Themselves’ with both being in ‘Agreement – to the Provision and Receipt of Lawful Service’. This individual is bound within the ‘Law’ however the ‘State’ is ‘Committing Fraud’ through the ‘Extraction’ and ‘Burden’ of ‘Excessive Taxation’; one may argue within this that any amount of ‘Revenue’ deducted at over ‘40% in Total’ from a persons ‘Wages’ or ‘Income’ becomes ‘Excessive’ since it ‘Restricts the Individuals ability to Survive’ (Impoverishment is Slavery through Abuse and that is a Crime).

(2) The next category relates to people who have been ‘Denounced in Law’ by the ‘State’ through the ‘Perversion of Justice’ with that ‘State’ claiming through that action that ‘This Person is Not a National’ therefore they are ‘Not Deserving of Lawful Service’ so within this they are placed outside the Law and outside Society through a failure of the State to Provide Lawful Service and/or take responsibility for ‘State Failures’. Compounding this ‘Crime’ the ‘State’ continues to ‘Deduct Revenues’ from this ‘Individual Unlawfully’ since they are ‘Denounced in Law’ therefore ‘Outside the Jurisdiction of the State’.
Clearly you cannot ‘Excluded people form Society’ on one hand then claim to have ‘Jurisdiction’ over them on the other since that would be a ‘Statement within itself’. A ‘Denouncement of Citizenship’ in ‘Law’ is a ‘Relinquishment of Jurisdiction’ therefore it is a ‘Crime in Law’ to ‘Fraudulently Extort Revenues’ from ‘People denounced in Law’. The ‘Crime’ would undermine both the ‘Nation’ along with the ‘Legitimacy of the State’ both of whom ‘Stand upon and are Bound within that Nations Law’ (Law is only Legitimate for as long as it is Legitimately Perceived – the same applies to any given State or Nation).
Compounding the afore mentioned ‘Crime’ is the ‘Issue’ relating to the ‘States’ inability to take ‘Responsibility for that Crime’ thereby ‘Repairing the Damage to the Individual through the Expungement of their Records’ that coupled with ‘Recompense for Damages Done by the State and Against the Individual’. Clearly ‘Deducting Tax’ (as Revenue) from members of the ‘Public’ whom are ‘Outside your Jurisdiction’ is a ‘Crime’ whether it is done with or without their consent since ‘Extorting Money’ from people ‘Unlawfully’ is a ‘Crime’ that becomes compounded by the sheer ‘Scale of Excessively High Tax Rates.

I have dealt with this issue to some degree within the book ‘The State of Injustice’ which was published in .Pdf early on in 2012; the book is free to download and relates to ‘Issues of Legitimacy within the Law’ some of which impact upon the public through the abuse of ‘Taxation’. You can ‘Read’ and ‘Review’ the book upon the ‘’ website in ‘FLASH’ format ‘Free & for Gratis’ (you will need to install a ‘Flash Viewer’ on your computer – there are ‘Free’ programs available to download off the ‘Internet’ (they may be required to activate 'Active X' and I recomend you do so, if not 'Download the Pdf version of the Book' - Your Human Rights are Important).

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