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‘Just a Perspective’

This name was written within the Great Koran by the prophet ‘Elijah’ 2,900 years ago, it relates to: ‘Anton Iblic’ (the nemesis of the son of God) whom Elijah perceived and recorded as being ‘Christopher’ (The Prophesized One):

The Nemesis:

Arabic:                        Anton Iblis’ (Iblic)      (from a legitimate and faithful language)

Romanized:               Antonius Iblius’ (Ibliuc)        

Latinized:                   Antony Ib (Ibn) meaning: 'son of - Lus’ (Luc)

Anglicized:                 Anthony’ son of ‘Lucifer’ (a satanic and false language which gives a True translation since this is the language of
the beast – invented 600yrs ago).

            There was an eminently renowned and learned priest named ‘Dafydd’ of Bangor-Is-y-Coed who lived 800 to 1,000 years ago, he fastidiously recorded all the second names within the northern hemisphere after he read the ‘Great Koran’. He prophesized the beast would come as: Anton IblisAntonius Iblius - Antony Ibl_i_usAnthony Bl_i_ spinning a ‘New Tower of Babel’ out of ‘Webs of Lies, Deceits’ and ‘Unlawful law’.

Either way:

There can’t be too many ‘Anthony’s’ seeking to build a new Tower of Babel or a ‘World Order’; in point of fact wouldn’t his role and title within this pursuit be ‘Grand Architect’. With this New Tower being a ‘Government’ built on ‘Lies, Deceit, Terror and Atrocity’ (the concept of control, domination and exploitation) the protocol of terror legitimated through the exploitation of the concept of terrorism with this being built upon ‘Fear’. It is clear that no son of ‘Lucifer’ is going to tell the ‘Truth’ or stand ‘Legitimately’ in life; he is going to be ‘Deceitful, Treacherous’ and ‘Manipulative’, involvements and connections within ‘Assassination’ and ‘Corruption’ plaguing and lingering about him like a dark mist.

His actions will be hidden beneath the guise of ‘Goodness’ coupled with ‘Best Intentions’ however despite that ‘Intention’ he lacks the ability to be ‘Righteous’. He will ‘Legitimate the Attack’ upon others through the ‘Abuse of Law’ and will ‘Distort other peoples perceptions’ through ‘Name Calling’ and ‘Smear’ campaigns: Terrorist, Dissident, Perpetrator, Activist to name but a few titles his opponents will be called so as to ‘legitimate the Attack’ and yet the concept of ‘Terrorism’ is built upon ‘Prejudice’ since it is a ‘Perspective’. What we perceive as being ‘Terrorism’ today is not the same as the manner in which the ‘State’ will project it ‘Tomorrow’; clearly ‘Terrorism’ can be projected as a ‘Point of Prejudice’.

It is fair to argue that any individual with a ‘unique perspective’ or ‘insular understanding’ which is not ‘Compliant’ with that of the ‘State’ could be projected as a ‘Terrorist’ if they were to ‘Share that Point of View’ with others. In fact it is only fair to state that every ‘Politician’ whom stands in ‘Opposition Today’ are potentially going to be classed as the ‘Terrorists of Tomorrow’.

‘Cover ups’ and ‘Abuses of Authority’ which are ‘Breaches of Trust’ are going to follow our man as he attempts to evade responsibility for his crimes, negligence’s and mistakes; they will follow them like the stench of death. He projects himself as ‘Innocence and Goodness’; everything he has or is doing is done for the ‘Benefit of Others’. Additionally he will have aspired to success within politics upon the platform of law since that would give him the opportune background upon which to manipulate both the law and the public for personal gain (he will be classed as a people’s man – both charismatic and charming).
In reality he is going to be ‘paranoid, devious, resourceful and manipulative’ – “a schemer with a grand plan”. Overturning the ‘Sanctity of Graveyards’ and eradicating centuries of ‘Peoples Histories’ and ‘Genealogies’; since this will mean nothing to him; perhaps some involvement within a case of ‘Non-Corpus’ just to get him and his ‘Close Allies’ to where he needs to be ‘Within a Position of Strength’.

“By controlling the forces around him and positioning his allies at the head of others he will attempt to control the battle”; Mmm! however the concept of War is a complicated and Tricky thing, Eh!

He will be supported by the authorities since no person within authority has ever worked for a living; they leech off and are paid by the public; additionally he will ‘Blackmail, Threaten and Abuse’ others by manipulating ‘Authority’ in order to get his opponents support. Compounding this he will have a brother who holds a position of high power ‘probably a high ranking Police officer’ or a ‘Senior rank within the Intelligence service’ that would allow him some measure of ‘protection’ form both the ‘Opposing Authorities’ and the ‘General Public’ (those who will finally recognize him).

The ‘False Prophet’ will be someone within the ‘Financial Institution’ who perceives a way of ‘Enslaving Humanity’ beneath the heel of ‘Taxation’; excessive rates of taxation forcing people into bondage since they will have too little left to live on after the state has ‘Extorted taxation’. This person has or will ‘Manipulate the Taxation System’ through a series of ‘Complex Processes’ all of which will benefit the ‘State’ by impoverishing the people.

Clearly the ‘Level of Taxation’ incurred by the individual dictates the amount of ‘Funds’ remaining to ‘Survive’ upon; it also dictates how much the ‘State’ has to ‘Finance Political Ambition’ whilst at the same time ‘Limiting the Publics Ability’ to object. Furthermore; I must argue that it would be within the interest of the ‘State’ to manipulate the ‘Financial Market’ for self gain since ‘Retaining Public Debt’ against the ‘Public’ after those ‘State Authorities’ used ‘Public Funds’ to ‘Settle the Publics Debts’ with the ‘Financial Institution’ who were themselves in ‘Debt to the Public’ allows them to ‘Profit’ from these ‘Illegally held Debts’.

The issue here is: every person who had money, savings, stocks, shares etc; this to include the vast bulk of politicians upon the planet all profited from the ‘Financial Systems bail Out’. Within this they were all ‘Refunded’ since the ‘Bank Debts’ were ‘Settled’ therefore these people ‘All Profited’ through the ‘Return of the resources the Banking System had Mismanaged’. By retaining the ‘Publics Debt’ against the ‘People’ who were in ‘Debt to the Banks’ after the ‘Publics Resources’ were used to settle that ‘Debt’ the ‘System’ seeks to ‘Profit from a Fraudulent action’.

I have an Issue here relating to the recent ‘Political Expense Scandals’, its just an observation however worth noting: Politicians claim the vast bulk of their Expenses back off the Public who pay these Politicians a Wage in exchange for Lawful Service. Now despite the measure of: food, alcohol, clothes, petrol, electronics, pornography, etc that these Politicians Claim for; “Question?” do they then claim these Moneys or Costs back from the Tax office by Passing the Receipts Off as being Lawful Expenses since this would be a clear case of ‘Fraud and Extortion’ at the expense of the ‘Public’ who paid for and purchased these items, (It’s a thought isn’t it).

These are just the Issues of an Enquiring Mind.


            If ‘God formed Nations’ when he destroyed the ‘Tower of Babel’ and deliberately placed men on ‘Earth’ in specific places then he must have ‘Touched’ them with that ‘Devine Contact’ marking ‘Man’ through their ‘DNA’. If this is the case and ‘People are Identifiable through their DNA’ then any attempt at or support towards the ‘Dissolution of God’s Nations’ is a direct attack upon ‘God’ himself; it’s a bit like ‘Attacking’ the ‘Holy City of Jerusalem’ you are standing in direct opposition to ‘God’.

            The same applies to the ‘Dissolution of Nations’ with you undermining what ‘God Intended’; clearly the ‘Beast within You’ will disguise this as ‘Multiculturalism’ however if you were truly embracing a ‘Multicultural World’ you would ‘Dissolve National Boundaries, Authority, Identity and Law’ in favour of ‘Humanity’ with the emphasis being upon ‘Multicultural accepted Laws’. Clearly these do not exist therefore the entire planet would have to agree upon ‘Universal Law’ with said laws ‘Transcending Cultural Boundaries’ whilst remaining ‘Human within their Application’.

            It would be ‘Fraudulent’ to retain: National Identities, Passports or other forms of Identity within a ‘Multicultural free System’ since the basis of such a system would be founded upon ‘Universal Rights’. Quite simply: Colour, Race, Religion, Sex nor Circumstances would exist therefore ‘Minority Rights’ would cease to exist and being replaced with ‘Equality’ which would be the fundamental recognition that ‘All People are Equal within the Eyes of God therefore Equally entitled to receive Lawful Service through the Presentation of Legitimate Justice and Not Distorted nor Perverted’.

            Clearly any Government of Individual intent upon World Order is actively attacking their Nations of Origin through the Exploitation of that Nations Resources whilst also Attacking God Directly.

                                    Christopher © 25/05/2012 (All Rights reserved)

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