Friday, 18 May 2012

Krishna – Christopher – Kristophus – called: Christ*

“May Buddha Bless you”

The coming of Krishna upon the platform of ‘Justice’ with a ‘Word’ that shall set us ‘Free’ because this ‘Word’ is the ‘Word of God’ – neither ‘Distorted’ nor ‘Perverted’ but the ‘Actual Truth’.

This is the almighty word of power: ‘Actuality’ and that is the ‘TRUTH’

If you can ‘Distort’ or ‘Pervert’ it then it is not the ‘Truth’ because it is a ‘Lie’ and everyone is bound before ‘God’ and within the ‘Sum of Themselves’ which is their own ‘Immortal Soul’ to express the ‘Truth’ for what the ‘Truth Actual IS’ thereby establishing that they are ‘Truthful within all Actuality’ and neither ‘Perverted nor Distorted’ through ‘Prejudice’.

Do not delude yourself into thinking ‘God’ does not exist because that is a fallacy which does not impact upon ‘Reality’ at all; what you believe in relation to the ‘Existence of the Supreme Being’ is irrelevant: ‘God Exists’.

Actuality is the Truth – just because you do not believe or accept the evidence within ‘Existence’ along with ‘Reality’ combined; that is a failure upon your part – ‘Not Gods’ since he provided you with evidence of his eminent existence – you are simply too blinkered to see it, too ignorant to accept it or blinded by the illusions of the Beast.

The Evidence:

You Exist  within Reality in which you interact with Others all of whom you accept as being Real, additionally you accept Reality as being Actual (it therefore Exists as do you and everything trapped within Reality). Here in lies the problem since ‘Everything exists within something’ and ‘Nothing can exist out of the sum of itself’ nor can anything ‘Exist to be held within a state of Nothing’ therefore even to a Naïve Mind – ‘Something Exists’ (Eminent Proof of God).

You may argue that we stem from a ‘particle’ or ‘Black Hole’ however these things A/ have to exist therefore they do exist. B/ they have to be contained within and exist within a ‘State of reality’ therefore you have just ‘Proved – Something Exists’ in order to contain a space and reality within which something material (a sentient state of mind) may exist.

Dismissing God just because you do not wish to be held accountable for your actions, failures and crimes will not allow you to evade, this Reality is a Perspective and Relative to which State of reality you are standing within. Your eyes cannot detect what exists all around you and whether or not you like it you are caught and held within the same measure of ‘Exotheteric Matter’ as the ‘souls you violated’ or the ‘crimes you committed’ – this is the space within which you stand and within which you committed the crime and for the record ‘You are Trapped here and Held upon and Within that’.

Justice is founded upon the ‘Provision of Lawful service’ with this being established through an understanding of what is ‘Lawful’ over what is not.

The platform of what is ‘Justice’ is established through ‘Laws’ that are governed and forged into place with ‘Best Intention’ by ‘Publicly Employed People’ all of whom are ‘Elected through Lawful Balloting into Public Office’. They are ‘Accountable to the People’ whom elected them and whom employ them with those ‘Intentions’ being for the ‘Benefit and Protection’ of ‘Each and Every’ member of that ‘Community or Nation of People’ to whom they are bound in law to serve.

The ‘Laws of a Nation’ are the platforms upon which both ‘Justice’ and the ‘Nation’ stand to be ‘Perceived’ by others as being both ‘Legitimate and Lawful’; “Justice through the application of what is Just and Fair and Against what is not”.

“The Provision of Lawful Service” with every ‘Public Servant’ being held accountable for his/her actions, since they both ‘Serve & Represent the Public’ with the ‘Fundamental recognition’ that ‘No member of the General Public Employs or Authorizes any person within Authority to commit Crimes’.

In Conclusion:

We stand upon ‘Fundamental Issues’ which impact upon all those around us to include us ourselves; the ‘Truth’ is established through ‘Actuality’ with that being ‘Neither Distorted nor Perverted’.

‘Legitimacy within the Law’ which is established through the ‘Provision’ of ‘Lawful Service’ coupled with the ‘Provision, Application and Perception through Acceptance’ of what are believed and understood to be ‘Lawfully Applied laws’.

“Justice like the Truth is a profound understanding”.

Christopher © 18/05/2012

“May Buddha guide you towards Understanding the Meaning of the Word”

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