Tuesday, 12 June 2012

The System

Defining both the System and the Sate

A System:

            Basically the system is compiled of all the ‘People, Politicians and Bureaucrats’ that ‘You’ the ‘Public’ employ to provide ‘You’ the ‘Public’ with ‘Lawful Service’. This service is for the provision of a ‘Safe & Stable Environment’ within which and upon which you may stand to thrive as a ‘Nation’ (a secure environment that projects Hope and Opportunity).

Within the (above) the ‘Publics Employees’ are ‘Lawfully Bound’ to supply ‘You’ the ‘Public’ with all the ‘Services’ they are being ‘Employed’ to ‘Deliver’; with these in part being for the provision of a ‘Platform’ founded upon and within ‘Lawful Processes’. Those ‘Lawful Processes’ being for the ‘Benefit of the Public’ and to the ‘Establishment’ of a ‘Legitimately perceived State’; it should be noted that the ‘System’ represents the ‘Publics Employees’ all of which are bound within the ‘Laws’ they ‘Argue & Reason’ into existence.

Furthermore it should be noted that any failure to ‘Uphold’ these ‘Laws’ through their ‘Own Actions’ is a ‘Failure’ on their part to ‘Uphold’ the ‘Legitimacy of Law’ (we are all bound within and upon our actions since they define us along with that expression of our intentions).

The bulk of the ‘System’ is compiled of Bureaucrats & Administrators’ with these being both ‘Governed’ and ‘Directed’ by a small group of ‘Publicly Elected Representatives’. This small group of ‘Elected Representatives’ are ‘Elected & Employed’ upon the ‘Understanding’ and ‘Belief’ that they will ‘Safeguard’ the ‘Public’ against both ‘Internal & External’ abuses of ‘Public Trust’ and/or ‘Public Resources’.

A ‘Legitimate System’ compiled of ‘Honest People’ express the ‘Legitimacy’ of the ‘System’ through the provision of both ‘Lawful Services’ and ‘Lawful Actions’; within which they through those actions uphold the ‘Legitimacy’ of ‘Law’.

Where as an ‘Illegal System’ is projected through the measure of its ‘Criminality, Eva-sure of Responsibility, Manipulation and Perversion of Law’ within which they attempt to ‘Legitimate’ their ‘Crimes’ through the ‘Claim & Projection’ that the ‘Crimes Committed’ are/were both ‘Legal & Lawful’.

“We are all judged upon our actions since they define us along with any intention we express through those very actions” – Judge for Yourself.

A State:

            The compilation of a ‘Nations People’ comprise to form the overall ‘State’ however it can also be applied to the ‘Systems Collective Services’ with these being provided as a ‘Platform’ for and upon which the ‘Nations People’ stands before other ‘Nations’ so as to ‘Project’ the measure of its ‘Sophistication, Lawfulness and Integrity’.

The actual ‘System’ itself is a ‘Mechanism’ by which and through which all ‘Lawful Governments’ establish and provide ‘Lawful Services’ to the ‘Public’ with those services being for the benefit of the ‘Nation’ whom ‘Elected & Employed’ them. Within the (above) and with ‘Best Intentions’ please refer to the (Link) ‘Common Contract’ (Link) which highlights some of the ‘Terms & Conditions’ to include some of the ‘Services’ the ‘Government’ is ‘Bound in Law’ to provide.

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