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Historical Injustice

An issue relating to ‘Historical Injustice’.

So! I am in agreement that (A) owns the ‘Property’ despite the number of times that ‘property’ has been ‘transferred’ from (B to Z). However what about any property (B to Z) is holding or has erected upon that land? Clearly that property is not the property of (A) and neither did (B to Z) have ‘Lawful Rights’ to erect or hold property upon or within the land which belongs to (A).

Time does not impact upon the crime of ‘Theft’ since the ‘Property’ was neither ‘Lawfully Taken’ nor ‘Lawfully Received’ so despite the number of inheritors, beneficiaries or occupiers this ‘Property’ is still owned by (A).

Assuming that (A) recovers the ‘Land’ they are now left with the problem of removing the ‘Assets’ of (B to Z) which is neither the property nor the responsibility of (A) however they are ‘Illegally retained’ upon and within that holding.

Within the above however we are missing a point:
Are the people of today responsible for the crimes of the past since: (A) they did not commit these crimes however; (B) they do descend from the ‘Perpetrators’ who actually did commit these ‘Crimes’ even though they were not alive themselves to ‘Engage’ within the ‘Action’?

(C) Question?

Do they ‘Sanction’ and ‘Endorse’ the ‘Crimes’ of both the ‘Past’ along with that of their ‘Ancestors’ through their continued presence; i.e.: ‘If they continue to retain and occupy the lands which were stolen, with this action along with their presence attesting too and ‘Sanction’ thereby ‘Endorse the Crime’; are they ‘Equally Guilty’ (Aiding and Abetting all be it after the Fact)?

In relation to a ‘Tangible’ and ‘Provable Crime’ this being (Admitted) with this ‘Crime’ relating to ‘Theft’ through ‘Murder’ (Right by Conquest) which the English people committed against Wales (the indigenous British peoples) when they annihilated 280,000 people after their surrender from starvation and disease after the 2nd war of Wales had ended. Additionally after the ‘Slaughter of the Princes’ (mostly children) allocating for the ‘Theft of their Principalities’ with this being done on the pretext of putting down the British threat forever whilst legalizing that ‘Land Theft’ beneath the precept of ‘Atrocity’ coupled with ‘Time’.

Within this we must remember that the ‘Welsh People’ are the only ‘Dominated Race’ (Non-Free race) left on earth with the entirety of ‘Britain’ being their ‘Lawful Property’ (Foreign Occupied).

‘Wales’ is a fragment of ‘Cambria’ (the true extent of Wales) which is occupied by foreign bodies at a ratio estimated at around 60 to 1 with the English imposing both a Government and English law upon them. The Welsh Assembly which is not a ‘Lawfully Elected Representative Government’ but ‘Foreign Imposed’; clearly within this the ‘Indigenous’ have no ‘Right in Law’ be that ‘National’ (English Imposed) or ‘International’ since they are not ‘Free’ and that ‘Government’ does not ‘represent them’.

They are ‘Out-voted’ within ‘Elections’ at a ratio of ’60 to 1’, their ‘Government’ is representative of ‘Foreign Policy’ (Imposed); ‘Welsh Law’ was ‘Quashed’ during the ‘Owain Glyndwr’ fight for ‘Freedom’. English laws were passed ‘Oppressing’ them ever since within which even in modern history there have been ‘Incidences Attesting’ to the fact that they have been denied the ‘Right’ to speak and ‘Communicate’ within their own ‘language’.

Lands were clearly ‘Stolen through Murder’ and both ‘Evidences’ and ‘Admittances’ of this exist however the ‘Welsh are not Free’ nor are there plans to release the ‘Welsh’ from the ‘Grasp of England’. Clearly an ‘Imposed Government’ that represents ‘England’ coupled with ‘English Policy’ is not ‘Freedom’ nor does it resolve the ‘Issues’ of Historical Injustice’.

Returning ‘Wales’ a fragment of ‘Cambria’ which itself is only a fragment of ‘Britain’ will not be ‘justice’ for the ‘Welsh’ who have been ‘Systematically Annihilated’ over a period of 2,000 years by ‘Rome’, the ‘Saxon, Danish and Germanic Nations’.

So ‘where is the Justice’ and are the ‘English People’ of today equally guilty in ‘law’ of sanctioning and endorsing the ‘Crimes of the Past’ through their continued ‘Occupation’ and ‘Presence’ coupled with their ‘Ownership of Properties’ upon ‘Lands’ which were stolen through ‘Atrocity’ which was ‘Legalized within English law’.

Argumentative isn’t it?

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