Friday, 22 June 2012

Krishna - Christopher - Christ


            “A Hindu Hope for Humanity in the form of a man of Justice”

A ‘Hindu deity’ who rose to establish justice for his people and nation; he is prophesized to return with the ‘Hindu faith’ accepting this prophesy since it as a faith is based upon the concept and belief in ‘Re-Incarnation’. The prophesy itself which is more than 4,500 years old relates to the return of ‘Krishna’ as being a legitimate hope for his nation in a time of great need, he will stand upon the platform of ‘Justice’.


            The ‘Arabs’ were trading with the ‘Hindu’ race with this being one of their trade routes and took the name and prophesy relating to ‘Krishna’ converting it to their beliefs and transmitting it to ‘Islam as Christopher’. The ‘Islamic’ faith embraced the concept of a saviour founded on fighting injustice and tyranny with them relating to the coming of the ‘Son of Allah’ and identifying him as ‘Christopher’.

Kristos’ / Christophus

            The ‘Greeks’ adopted ‘Christopher’ after reading the great Koran around 2,500 years ago translating the name into Greek.


            The ‘Jews’ identified with the ‘Islamic’ version of ‘Christopher’ called the ‘Christ’ with him being identified as the ‘Son of Jehovah’ also standing upon the plinth of ‘Justice’ since he would indeed be ‘Gods son’.


            Christianity is founded upon the belief that ‘Jesus of Nazareth’ was the ‘Christ’ (Christopher) who had returned to save mankind through the expression and measure of his humanity with all true and faithful Christians expressing their faith in Jesus through the same measure of mercy, compassion and charity – this being done through the expression of a ‘People’ and ‘Faith Evolved’ and by that I mean ‘Human’ with everything that entails being a ‘Sentient, Compassionate’ and ‘Understanding Human Being’ a people evolved enough to have taken the ‘Sentient Step’ thereby evolving beyond the concept of ‘Violence’ and ‘Atrocity’.

            According to the ‘Christian Faith’ along with other ‘Faiths’ and ‘Prophesies’ like the one relating to the coming of ‘Blaidd Rhudd’ (Free Wolf) he is to return in disguise ‘Tarnished’ whilst catching people unaware ‘Upon the place’ where they will be ‘Judged’.


            The original Prophesy establishes him as standing upon the platform of ‘Justice’ since there has to be ‘Legitimacy within the Law’ with this being done to establish the ‘Word of God’ as the ‘Truth in all actuality’ with that being neither ‘Distorted nor Perverted’ and this ‘Identifying’ and ‘Exposing’ all those ‘Beasts’ whom stand ‘Corruptly against God’.

            “Within everything written above the concept of hope remains ever eternal within the human heart”.

                        Christopher © 22/06/2012 (All Rights reserved)

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