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            An analysis of the Question:           

What is ‘Injustice’?
            Injustice is a ‘Crime’ committed or concealed by the ‘State Authorities’ through the ‘Abuse of Law’; in reality it is a ‘Failure’ within some aspect of the ‘State Authorities’ to accept ‘Accountability’ for ‘Crimes’ and/or ‘Negligence’s’ committed against a member of the ‘Public’; it is a failure upon their part (the State).

            A ‘Crime’ is a ‘Non-Lawful’ or ‘Non-Acceptable Action’ which can be caused either through ‘Negligence’ or by ‘Intent’ (a Deliberate Intention).

            Most crimes committed by the ‘Public’ are through ‘Negligence’ with only a ‘Minority’ being ‘Criminal’ as by ‘Intent’ (Design).

All ‘State Crime’ is ‘Deliberate’ since the ‘State’ does nothing without ‘Planning’ all of which is ‘Calculated’; even ‘Negligence’s’ when they occur are ‘Deliberately Concealed’ with this serving to ‘Endorse the Crime’ through the ‘Action of Concealment’. The actual ‘Deed’ of ‘Concealing’ highlighting their ‘Intent’ (as in and intention to Commit, Cover up, Conceal and/or Evade); it is a ‘Serious Crime’ and a ‘Failure of the State’ by the ‘State’ to stand ‘Legitimately within the Law’ so as to uphold the ‘Legitimacy of the Law’ through their ‘Actions’. Within this the real failure is within A/ ‘Accepting Accountability’ and B/ within their inability to provide the ‘Public’ (both as individuals and as a compilation of individuals) with ‘Lawful Service’ that failure in ‘Law’ not only ‘Undermines’ but ‘Dissolves’ both the ‘System of Justice’ and the ‘State of Authority’ which is compiled from ‘All the Authorities which assemble it’.

            Their ‘Statement of Legitimacy’ being expressed through the ‘Criminality of their Actions’ with this highlighting their ‘Failure in Law’.

            Ultimately there has to be ‘Legitimacy within the Law’ coupled with a recognition of what ‘Is’ Legitimate over what is ‘Not’; additionally the ‘Public’ who are the ‘Governments/Authorities Employer’ are entitled in ‘law’ to be told the ‘Actual Non-distorted, Not-Perverted, Complete Truth’ without ‘Evasion’ of any description. There is an ‘Obvious Observation’ here: If the ‘Authorities’ cannot relate the ‘Truth to the Public’ then how can the ‘Public’ either ‘Trust or believe’ the ‘Authorities’; they are ‘Employing’ to tell the ‘Truth’ and/or to provide the ‘Public’ with ‘Lawful Service’ thus establishing through their ‘Actions’ a ‘Platform’ upon which the ‘Nation’ (the Public) may ‘Stand’ before other ‘Nations’ to be perceived as being both ‘Legitimate & Lawful’.

            In the end a ‘Government’ is compiled of ‘People’ who we perceive are ‘Trustworthy’ and like any other ‘Dishonest person’ they can be both ‘Dismissed & Replaced’ by people whom ‘Can be Trusted’ to provide ‘Lawfulness & Legitimacy’. They are just a ‘Government’ made up of ‘People’ and if those ‘People are Criminal and/or Negligent’ then you can always ‘Dismiss them’ and this can be achieved by ‘Withdrawing Revenue’ in ‘Protest’. Ultimately it is your ‘Money’ and they are ‘Bound in Law’ to provide ‘You’ the ‘Public’ with ‘Lawful Service’ and it is ‘Not Lawful’ if they are ‘Abusing their Positions of Authority’ (which are built upon trust) so as to ‘Commit or Conceal Crimes’ and for what it is worth any attempt at ‘Legitimating a Crime’ through the ‘Perversion of Law’ not only is that a ‘Crime’ it also undermines the ‘Legitimacy of Law’ upon which the ‘State Stands’.       

So I’m looking around the internet at all the cases of ‘Injustice’ which are taking place around the world not just here in ‘Britain’ but in every other country on ‘Earth’ with peoples ‘Rights in Law’ (Internationally Accepted Law) being violated each and every day; so “I am wondering”!...
Do all these cases have anything in common?
1.      Are they ‘Singular’ (Isolated Cases) which may denote ‘Negligence within or upon the part of the system’ (Admitted and/or Undisputed).
2.      Or are they ‘Multiple’ (Numerous Re-occurring Cases) which would clearly indicate a measure of ‘Intent’ upon the part of the ‘State’ coupled with a ‘failure’ upon their part to accept ‘Accountability’; it would also highlight an ‘Inability’ (on their part) to be ‘Bound By’ or ‘Abide By International laws’ and ‘Agreed Codes of Conduct’. Many ‘International Treaties’ have been ‘Signed, Sanctioned and Agreed too’ between ‘Nations’ with some of these relating to the ‘Investigations of Incidences, Detention of Prisoners, Judgements or Executions without the Law’ (Clearly a Crime).
3.      In all reality any failure within any ‘Country’ or ‘State’ to abide by ‘Due Process’ would negate the ‘Legitimacy’ of that ‘Countries Standing’ since in ‘Law’ there is no ‘Legitimacy’ to any ‘Judgement’ expressed ‘Outside the Law’. That would be a ‘Failure of that State’ (Government) to be bound ‘By/Upon or Within the Law’. The ‘Action’ of ‘Passing Sentence without Due Process’ (National or International Law) ‘Negating the System or State’ since the ‘Action’ would ‘Dissolve’ the ‘Government’ through the ‘Recognition’ that this ‘Governing Body’ does not ‘Recognise’ and will not ‘Abide by’ or be ‘Bound by the Law’. This issue does not only relate to International law since it is compounded by any failure within the Law to recognise and be bound by the laws of your own making  (National Law).

In deed ‘National Law’ such as the ‘Charter of Freedoms’ upon which ‘America’ is ‘Founded’ as a ‘Nation’ may offer ‘Greater Scope’ when ‘Questioning the legitimacy of State Actions’ since in ‘Law’ the ‘Claim Is’ that ‘All people are made equal within the Eyes of God’ therefore ‘All people despite their race, religion, ethnic origins, sex nor circumstances are entitled in Law and Before God to be Tried in Law’ (a recognition of ‘Due Process’ as being the ‘Right in Law’ of ‘Every Person’ despite their ‘Situation’).

No punishment without the ‘law’ since any failure here would undermine the ‘Legitimacy of the United States of America in Law’.
4.      Another ‘Issue’ within the above is that if the ‘State Fails to Abide by their Own Laws’ (these are the laws they brought into existence and forced upon their own population) within this their actions would undoubtedly ‘Undermine the Legitimacy of that State of Authority in Law’.

(Individual Human Rights Violations)

Realistically any ‘Lawful Body’ (Individual or Collective) would ‘Admit’ to cases of ‘Individual Injustices’ with these becoming ‘Recognised in law’ as ‘Cases of Negligence’ and within this ‘No attempt of Evasion’ would be made by the ‘State’ with this ‘Opening the Door’ in relation to ‘Mitigation, Remedy and Repair’.

Clearly not every case is ‘Individual’ or down to ‘Negligence’ with some cases being clearly ‘Repetitive’ and/or ‘Deliberate Crimes’.
‘Multiple cases of Injustice’ would be a different matter since they relate to a ‘Repetitive Act’ which within itself highlights an ‘Intention to Commit’ (Serial Crime); the ‘Re-Offending Government/State or State Department’ sanctions the ‘Crime’ via the ‘Action of Acceptable Behaviour’ with this ‘Allocating’ for ‘Evasion of Responsibility’ for the ‘Crimes Committed’ with them being ‘Perceived as being Acceptable’ (within this their ‘Level of Evasure’ highlights their ‘Measure of Intent’).

Clearly ‘No Crime is Acceptable’ neither are ‘Abuses of Any kind’.

Within the above the ‘Re-Offences Legitimate’ the ‘Action of Evading’ responsibility and accountability thereby allocating for the ‘Repetition of Crimes’ this now being done with ‘Intent’ since the ‘Crime’ is now ‘Justified through Acceptability’. Undoubtedly ‘State Endorsed Crimes’ are neither ‘Acceptable’ nor ‘Lawful’ they are ‘Attacks upon the Nation’ by the ‘State’ the ‘People’ being the ‘Public’ whom form the ‘Nation’ and who both ‘Employ and Trust’ that ‘System’ to provide them (The Public) with ‘Lawful Service’.

Within everything written (above) all the ‘Issues’ are within ‘Human Rights Violations’ by the ‘Offender’ (in this case the State) with this being their ‘Failure’ which is within the ‘Accept of Accountability’ which is ultimately ‘Forced upon them’ through ‘Lawful Processes’ coupled with the ‘Presentation of Evidences’.  However should ‘People’ (the Public) have to ‘Fight’ the ‘State’ through ‘Litigation’ which can only result within a ‘Failure of the State’ with that ‘Governing Body/Authority’ being ‘Dissolved’ by the ‘Public’ through a ‘Public Recognition’ and/or ‘Acknowledgement’ that the ‘Government has Failed due to Dishonesty and Corruption’.

(This statement is generalised and implicative to any Government whom sanctions, endorses or commits crimes against its own population (Nation) and is not intended solely or derogatively against America as a people or a Government. Furthermore and for the record the United States of America is the only country clearly working through Congressional and Institutional Laws to defend the Rights of its Populace in Law. They are also the only government to outline the ‘Pillars of Democracy’ which recognise the ‘Constitutional limits of their own Authority’ with any attempt at undermining or perverting those Limits being perceived as being an attack upon the nation and that is ‘Commendable’ by any standard.)

Clearly all cases of ‘Injustice’ have aspects in common and when we apply ‘Police Protocols’ relating to ‘Profiling’ to these cases on a ‘Collective basis’ we perceive ‘State Crime’ in a new way. The similarities between ‘General Criminality’ (Publicly Perceived) and ‘State Criminality’ (Unorthodox) are compelling with the ‘Issues’ in relation to ‘Each Other’ both as ‘Individual’ and as ‘Collective Cases’ baring ‘Similar Psychological Patterns’ in relation to ‘Profiling’. This only serves to support the argument that you can ‘Profile the Profilers’ be them the ‘Public Servants, the Police, Security or Military’.

So after all this perhaps the ‘Arguments & Statements’ people are expressing around the world in relation to ‘State Crime’ and/or ‘Injustice’ through the ‘Exposure of Individual cases’ is the ‘Wrong Approach’ since as ‘Individual cases of Injustice’ they are allowing ‘Government, State and Authorities’ along with the ‘Perpetrators’ of the ‘Crimes’ whom represent these ‘Organisations to Evade Responsibility’.

1st Protocol the means by which ‘Authority Evades Responsibility’ is all together a different ‘Question’ with most ‘Responses’ being via ‘Evasion’ with this being done through a ‘Dismissal’ brought about through ‘Internal Investigations’; (State controlled since the State retain and control the majority of the Sum of all the Evidences):
2nd Protocol, They will try ‘Evasion via Time’ this is designed to ‘Dismiss the Applicant’ through what are in essence ‘Time Transgressions’ (‘Time’ can be used to ‘Deflate Public Outrage’ so by putting ‘Time’ between ‘You’ and ‘Them’ they hope to ‘Evade Responsibility’ thereby ‘Accountability’ for the ‘Crimes they have Committed’.
 ‘Time’ can also be used as a means by which the ‘State’ makes it ‘Acceptable’ to commit ‘Crimes’ since your ‘Acceptance’ (Tolerance) of the ‘Crime’ over the ‘Procession of Time’ makes it ‘Acceptable to Commit’ (you being placed within a position of ‘Agreement and/or Acceptance’).

3rd  Protocol, An outright ‘Lie’ through a ‘Public Refusal to Accept Accountability’ this is usually ‘Justified’ by ‘Discrediting the Victim’ and within this they ‘Justify their Actions’. (The main aspect of this ‘Rebuttal’ being bound and based upon ‘Public Trust & State Assurances’ – “I can assure you, Let me assure you, Rest assured, Be assured” assurances of that nature. Additionally to the above I should point out that they are relying upon the ‘Fact’ that if ‘You Personally’ were not in the ‘Room’ to ‘Witness the Crime’ also that ‘You Personally’ do not know the ‘Victim’ then you can ‘Never really be Sure’ and with the ‘State being the Authorities’ they use that ‘Image of Authority’ and ‘Legitimacy to Evade Responsibility’; in this case ‘You support the Perpetrator who are the State through your failure to Recognise Honesty’).

4th Protocol, The ‘Authorities’ can always ‘Stone Wall You’ and by this ‘Action Ignore You Entirely’ within this ‘Action’ they once again use ‘Time’ to ‘Conceal the Crime’. (‘Stone Walling’ is a recognised ‘Police Protocol’ whereby they use the ‘Scale’ and ‘Solidarity of the Force’ to ‘Outweigh’ the ‘Rights and Case’ of the ‘Individual’ thereby ‘Dismissing their Case’ upon the ‘Grounds’ of ‘Many Outweigh the Few’).
5th Protocol, ‘Nine times out of Ten’ the ‘Authorities’ will attempt to ‘Dismiss the Applicant of Injustice’ through ‘Additional State Driven Discreditory  tactics (smear campaigns, false charges, false additional arrests and/or re-arrests) which all take place publicly so as to Diminish, Discredit, Humiliate, Question the Character of the ‘Individual’ through the Inference that the ‘Victim’ (member of the public) is the Perpetrator with the State Authorities becoming Lawfully Perceived through the Abuse of Trust, Funding and Authority; (however this is all still just a Discreditory tactic and a Protocol put into place allowing the System to Evade Recognition for the crimes they Commit against the Public (who could very easily be ‘YOU’).

The ‘Issue’ here is relative to ‘Blame Transference’ in as much as within these circumstances the ‘Psychology’ is reversed with ‘Guilt Transference’ (a transference of Guilt) being placed upon the ‘Victim’ of ‘State Crime’. I am calling this ‘State Crime’ over ‘Injustice’ since the ‘State’ is evading responsibility through their ‘Failure’ of ‘Accountability’.

Other Protocols, clearly the ‘State Authorities’ do have other ‘Procedures’ in place as sets of ‘Mandatory Protocols’ relating to ‘Self-Protection’ however I do not wish to touch upon the ‘Protocols’ relating to ‘Threats’ or ‘Violence’ never the less these ‘Protocols do Exist’.

I sincerely hope this helps someone in relation to ‘Clarification’ along with their understanding of the ‘Issues’ pertaining to ‘Injustice’ for/and within this perhaps the ‘Arguments’ raised by others in relation to ‘Injustice’ should be directed towards the ‘Public’ in such a manner as to ‘Clarify’ (on their part) as to ‘Whether’ or ‘Not’ the ‘Public Sanction, Support and/or Endorse’ their ‘Elected Governments System Abuses’.

For obvious reasons the ‘Question’ needs to be addressed to the ‘Public in General’ so that the ‘Measure’ of their ‘Legitimacy, Humanity & Compassion’ can be ‘Assessed’. It is ‘Arguable’ that even ‘Families’ who are ‘Victims’ of the most ‘Horrific Crimes’ do not wish to see the ‘Wrong Person Victimised’ (Wrongfully Accused/Persecuted/Judged or Convicted) since they like ‘All Victims’ want ‘Justice’ with the ‘Actual Perpetrator/s’ of the ‘Crimes’ being ‘Proven Guilty’ during the process of ‘Law’ in cases that are built and based upon the presentation of ‘Lawfully Investigated Evidences/Statements and Procedures’ since without this there is no ‘Justice’ just a ‘Failure’ within ‘Authority’ to provide ‘Lawful Service’.

One could argue within the (above) as to whether or not the ‘Police’ have the ‘Authority to Investigate with Prejudice’; whether or not they have the ‘Authority’ to ‘Falsify Physical’ in addition to ‘Other Evidences’ as to ‘Support Verdicts of Guilty’ against people who are ‘Actually Innocent’.  As a matter of ‘Fact’ this line of argument can easily be ‘Perpetuated’ and ‘Supported’ however where it ultimately leads is to the conclusion that we are experiencing a ‘System Failure’ within ‘Authority’ due to ‘Prejudice & Perversion’.

“I think myself the failure is down to the complexity of society, coupled with the bigotry and prejudices held by authority in relation to how the people who compile that authority perceives society – they need to come to terms with the fact that the majority of the population in every country on Earth are Honest, descent Human beings and within this the failure is upon their part since they direct and govern society”.

Christopher © 26/06/2012 (All Rights Reserved)

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