Friday, 1 June 2012

The State

The state  

                   How does a man stand to fight?
            Against a monster of such might
                        Overpowering beyond compare
            Terror only these would dare
                        Homicidal, fear and greed
            What type of man can fit this creed?
                         Arrogance beyond all bounds
            In this the monster is renowned
                        Psychopathic is its way
            It would sell your soul away
                        Torture is just a playful game
            How far they can extend all that pain
                        Justice is a card to play
            Appeases you in a peaceful way
                        Hope and charity, peace and love
            All enforced with a metal glove
                        Excuses they will say
            ‘I can assure you’ and ‘rest assured’
                        This is just to put you down
            So in your failure you aspire to drown
                        Monstrous, brutal a ruthless thing
            Insanity risen above all things
                        Justice cast upon the floor
            Buried beneath unlawful law
                        Horror, terror, illegal acts
            Legitimated to beat you back
                        Sickness, sadness the final stroke
            As slaves you pay until you’re broke
                        This the monster inspires to be
            Enslaving all humanity
                        Eternal is its appetite
            Greed for all within its sight
                        How they profit from your pain
            In this world ‘clinically insane’
                        Heathen-istic, sick little men 
            Extinguishing life by the stroke of a pen
                        Oh! How tragic they will say
            It appeases all their guilt away
                        Perhaps some crumbs off the plate
            There! That should keep you from our gate
                        Emperors, Nero’s, Pharaohs up high
            Oh! How they multiply
                        Will there ever be enough
            To fill their ever increasing cup
                        What when the monster gets so fat
            Should we drop it on its back?
                        Oh! How it may complain
            Cringing and fuming on the floor in pain.
                                                            By: C. D. J. Maylor © 2009 (All Rights Reserved)

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