Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Criminal Injustice

            This is a ‘True Factual Issue’ in which the current ‘Grand Architect’ of the ‘European World Order’ (Anthony Blair) instigated and introduced ‘Closed Courts’ within the ‘United Kingdoms’ so as to ‘Prosecute People’ with ‘Prejudice’ – his argument being to ‘Streamline an Antiquated System’ with this allowing for the ‘State’ to gain ‘Higher Numbers of Convictions’ against ‘Political Undesirables’.

            For the record: “A Political Undesirable is Anyone whose Views or Perspectives Highlights and/or Exposes State Abuses or Any State Crimes; they may also relate to People whose views are not in keeping with or Oppose the Politics and Ambitions of the State – Any Alternate Political party such as the Nationalist Parties  as Unilateral representatives can be perceived as opposing Multilateral parties since one Represents: a ‘Nations Right to Independence’ and ‘Cultural Unity’ whilst the other represents a Multiple of Nations Rights to ‘Abuse’ that Nation through ‘Domination and Control’. Within this you may be Complacent today but there are no guarantees that your Children will be Compliant Tomorrow with Injustice and State Crimes Impacting upon everyone through that scale of Complacency and/or Acceptability”.

            Within the Above – Just because You Stand By to make it Acceptable for the State to commit Crime does not mean your Children will stand by or Sanction what will then be an Extension of State Abuses brought about by ‘You’ who Publically Endorsed State Crimes.

Furthermore it should be Noted: that it may not be those Nations of Peoples whom endorse these Crimes but a Minority Group of peoples All of whom We Elect and Trust and All of whom are Betraying us by Directing Our Resources Against both Us (as Individuals) and Others (as Collectives of Individuals) for Political or Self Gain. Within this those Multilateral Peoples from within Other Nations may actually have no say in how their Resources are being Abused or the Scale of Abuses which are being Committed in their Name. Just because you hold ‘Elections’ within which you ‘Vote’ and ‘Elect People’ to represent you does not in any way ‘Infer’ or ‘Guarantee’ that those ‘People’ will serve and represent you ‘Lawfully’ since the fact is that they only stand because of ‘Ambition’ and that highlights ‘Ulterior Motives’.

            Clearly without ‘Public Representation’ there are ‘No Assurances’ or ‘Evidences’ to support the ‘Fact’ that these ‘Proceedings’ have or are being conducted ‘Lawfully’ with them being ‘Built and Based’ upon the ‘Sum of All the Evidences’  all of which have been ‘Lawfully Collected’ and ‘Presented as Evidences’ (Without Prejudice) and ‘All’ of which having been ‘Gathered, Scrutinised and Correlated’ so as to establish their ‘Legitimacy and Lawfulness’. Clearly within this ‘Members of the Public’ serve the ‘Interests of the Public at large’ whereas ‘Politicians serve themselves through Political Ambition’.

            To date there are ‘No Evidences’ to ‘Prove’ that these ‘Trials’ are ‘Not Racially’ and/or ‘Politically Motivated’ since ‘Closed Courts conceal the Facts’ additionally they also highlight and expose ‘Political Motives’ and ‘Abuses’ since ‘Evidences’ which normally have to stand up to the ‘Scrutiny of Cross Examination’ within ‘Open Courts’ are ‘Now Accepted with Prejudice’ – ‘Convictions’ being ‘Based and Built’ upon ‘Allegations and Evidences’ none of which are supported and All of which are Questionable.

            A Jury represents the Public at Large and are incorporated into a Court of Law so as to ensure the Lawfulness within the Proceedings thereby offer Assurances that the Accused is in deed the Lawfully Accused with Evidences supporting a case in law. Clearly there are no Guarantees or Evidences of this within Closed Courts or cases whereby the Public are Omitted – Injustice is a Crime.

            ‘Trials without Juries’ is a ‘Trial without Justice’ since every Jury is made up of ‘Indiscriminate Peoples’ who are taken from ‘Every walk of Life’ they are therefore the ‘Nations Representatives’ and exist to ‘Ensure’ that the ‘State’ along with the ‘Government’ and its ‘Authorities’ conduct themselves ‘Lawfully’ thus ensuring for the ‘Benefit of All’ that not only is ‘Justice Lawful’ but also that ‘Justice is Done’.

There are no such ‘Assurances’ within ‘Closed Courts’ therefore ‘Hidden Proceedings’ are conducted outside the ‘Scrutiny of Public Opinion’ with no Recognisable Evidences relating to the measure of ‘Peoples Human Rights’, the ‘Lawfulness of Evidences’ or the ‘Measure of Justice an Individual Receives’ since they are outside the ‘Lawful Observations’ and ‘Awareness of Human Rights Organisations’.

I have an issue within this – Any failure of Authority to Defend the Human Rights of even One Individual undermines their Own Human Rights as Individuals and/or Collectives of Individuals with All Authority being based and built upon Trust – That Authority can be Revoked – with any Abuse of Authority exposing a Breach of Trust. People within positions of trust don’t seem to realise how vulnerable they are because all it actually takes is ‘One Case’ whereby the ‘Public become Aware’ of the sheer scale of ‘Political Corruption’ and this ‘Awareness’ is starting to take place in ‘Every Country on Earth’.

“There is no justice within injustice as that simply projects Corruption and a failure of the state to uphold the Legitimacy of Law – there has to be Legitimacy within the Law coupled with the recognition of what is Legitimate and Lawful over what is Not”.

Christopher © 2012 (All Rights Reserved)

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