Monday, 18 April 2016

             This is a Wikipedia link to Global Weapons (Arms) Manufacturers the list includes information on some key people, details on whether or not these companies are State or Public owned. The measure of Turnover this Minority group of Companies secures through the Exploitation of Conflicts Globally - many of these companies are Floated upon the Stock Exchange so as to Avoid Direct responsibility upon the part of Key personnel additionally through the Manipulation of the Stock Exchange many of these Companies Directly Incriminate Members of the General Public as Shareholders within the Crimes these Weapons are Used For.

             Clearly people with shares in these Companies are Morally Responsible for the Actions of those Companies & their Agents in addition to the use these Weapons are put to since they Fund through Investment the Actions of those Companies. 

            Part of the duty of owning a Gun is Taking Moral Responsibility for how that Gun is Secured (Kept Safe) and Applied (How it is use). 

            If you sell your Weapons then you have an Obligation to Ensure the weapon is not Misused by the person you are selling it too, therefore there is an undeniable Responsibility in relation to the Actions of those you pass your Guns on to. Within this it would be Unreasonable to suggest you have a Right to Sell Weapons of Destruction (Mass or Otherwise) to Individuals, Countries or Organisations without accepting some Measure of Responsibility for how these Weapons are Applied.

            If people are Injured, Harmed or Killed as a direct result of your Actions there is Tangible Responsibility (Blame) which you must Accept.

           This page is added with Best Intention as a Means of Weakening the application of Terrorism upon and Against the Victim whom are the Innocent Bystander (Caught in the Middle). 

           Within the above my aim is to limit from both sides the sale of and the consignment of weapons along with their uses by all forces engaged in Wars against Humanity. The only truly Innocent people are the Innocent Victims with all Perpetrators being Defined as the Bodies of Abuse since they all Apply Deadly Force regardless to the Cost in Innocent Human Life.

           It is my hope that other people Worldwide will help to Research this Issue by gathering list of Names Identifying those involved within the Perpetration of these Crimes against Humanity. Directors (CEO's), Sales personnel & Political Negotiators, Purchasers, Shareholders, etc; if we do not limit the Weapons then we cannot Impact upon the Scale of the Crimes. 

          We all have a Responsibility to Expose the People & Organisations that Invest in, Sanction & Endorse Atrocity - Exposing a Crime along with the Criminals whom Perpetrate that Crime is a Moral Duty of any Person that considers themselves to be Human - I aim to Expose these Profiteers of Atrocity through the Disclosure of whom they Are followed by the Pursuit of Human Justice to the Full extent of Law - any attempt at Evasion will be Seen as Accessory (In-Justice).

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