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‘Electing a Police and Crime Commissioner’

The State of Injustice

‘Electing a Police and Crime Commissioner’

My apologies for not writing anything for a while I have been busy working in other fields, recently I received a ‘Polling Card’ allowing me to ‘Vote’ within the ‘Election’ of a ‘Police’ and ‘Crime Commissioner’ for ‘North Wales’.

The election is due to take place upon the 15th of November 2012.

The ‘Polling Card’ allocates for ‘Four Police approved Nominees’ none of which represent or serve the interests of the ‘Public’; who and for the record have ‘No’ recognisable ‘Right in Law’ to nominate someone ‘Impartial’ from within their ‘Own Community’ as a ‘Person Trusted by the Public’ to ‘Serve and represent the Interests of the Public’ (Without Prejudice). Thus being able to ‘Investigate Complaints by the Public’ and ‘Against the Police’ not upon the ‘Original Police Investigation’ or ‘Allegation’ which allocates for the ‘Police to Evade Responsibility through Prejudice’ but more importantly upon the ‘Community Court and/or Crown Court Tapes, Transcripts, Video and Audio Records’ with them representing the ‘Sum of All the Evidences’ (Evidences which have stood up to the Scrutiny of Cross Examination). 

Clearly and as a ‘Victim’ of State Crime’ and ‘Police Abuses of Authority’ (Public Trust) additionally and since ‘I have No Human’ or any other ‘Lawfully Perceived Rights’ within ‘English and/or European Law’ furthermore ‘No Right in Law to Receive Justice without Prejudice’ (only Prejudicial Justice) I do not and will not ‘Sanction and/or Endorse Criminal Authorities’ whom ‘Abuse their Positions of Trust’ along with ‘An Abuse’ of the ‘Public’ then ‘Evade Responsibility’ for the ‘Crimes and Abuses’ they are clearly ‘Guilty’ of having ‘Committed’.
As ‘Public Employees’ (Public Servants) they have ‘No Right in Law’ to ‘Abuse those Positions’ save through the ‘Abuse of Law’ which is a ‘Crime’ highlighting ‘Intent’ (an intention to commit).

“Violating Peoples Rights in Law is an Attack upon Every Persons Right”.

Clearly any ‘Prejudicial, Closed or Rigged Election’ is not a lawful election since when you are presented with ‘Limited or Restricted Choice’ with no right to amend and/or make an ‘Independent Choice’ then ‘What choice do you have’. ‘People’ elected through ‘Prejudicial, Staged and Rigged Elections’ to ‘Positions of Abuse’ are ‘Criminals’ since they ‘Serve with Prejudice’ and are ‘Elected with Intent’. Personally I do not endorse ‘Crime or Criminality’ and will not sanction or endorse corrupt authorities whom have no intention of providing the public with ‘Lawful Service’ and ‘No Intention of Admitting’ to any greater charge than ‘Malpractice’ (a lesser charge that allows the authorities to evade ‘Accountability over Serious Abuses’ such as ‘Murder, Conspiracy, Deception, Fraud, Perverting Justice’ (Treason) etc.

Every ‘Crime is a Crime against Someone’ (Victim) that if it is allowed to go unpunished becomes a ‘Socially Acceptable Crime’ (Legalised Crime) which denies ‘Someone’ (the Victim) ‘Justice’ through a ‘Failure’ upon the part of the ‘Public & those Authorities’ to ‘Recognise’ through ‘Public or Social Awareness’ that a ‘Crime has been Committed’ also that ‘it is or indeed was a Crime’.

There are numerous people ‘Highlighted within the Media’ in recent and current histories who have been ‘Unlawfully Killed’ by these ‘National Authorities’. Furthermore ‘None’ of these ‘Authorities’ have ‘Accepted or Admitted’ to their ‘Crimes’ and ‘Evasion highlights Intent’; clearly ‘Shooting’ an ‘Innocent man’ in the face ‘Five Times’ at ‘Point Blank’ range is a ‘Crime’; additionally this ‘Crime’ is compounded by the ‘Fact that the Victim was Innocent in Law’ therefore the ‘Police were Guilty’ with that ‘Guilt being Compounded through an Intention to Evade Responsibility for the Crime’.

Evasion of responsibility does not make you ‘Innocent’ it highlights an intention to ‘Evade Responsibility’ compounding your ‘Guilt through that Intention’ additionally the ‘Authorities’ despite their ‘measure of Authority’ have ‘No Right in Law’ to commit ‘Crimes’ or evade responsibility for those ‘Crimes Committed’.

Hitting a ‘Non Confrontational Man’ with a ‘Police Baton’ over the back of his head whilst he was ‘Walking away from you’ his hands lowered on each side of him in a ‘Passive Posture’ was a ‘Deliberate Crime’. A ‘Police Baton‘ is a ‘Lethal Weapon’ and this is compounded by the ‘Fact’ that the ‘Police’ are trained within the use of this ‘Weapon’; part of that ‘Training’ consist around the ‘Use of that Baton’ which should only be used in ‘Defence’ with it being employed to the ‘Legs and Arms’ as a means of ‘Disabling your Opponent’. Within this it is ‘Rigorously Drummed into the Officers Psyche’ that the baton ‘Which is a Lethal Weapon’ should not be used within the regions of a ‘Persons Head, Neck nor Shoulders’ as such ‘Force may cause Life Threatening Injuries’ (the application of Force being an Issue here as is the application of the Weapon to sensitive areas of the Human Body – it Highlights an intention to Inflict Serious Injury).

My book: ‘The State of Injustice’ clearly highlights my reasons for not participating within this ‘Prejudicial Election’ which is ‘Designed through prejudice to appease the Public’ (the Police giving the impression that they will Investigate Public Complaints against the Police when they have No Intention of Accepting or Admitting to Guilt upon their part). This is just one of those ‘Protocols’ the ‘State’ puts into place so as to ‘Appease the Masses’ and is just a ‘Deceit’ designed to ‘Pacify the Public’.

I personally do not ‘Trust them nor do I Respect them’ since when the ‘Police Lie under Oath, Conspire with Criminals, enter False Physical Evidences within Courts of Law then Pervert Justice through Prejudice’ it simply does not leave any room for either ‘Trust nor Respect’. I have NO HUMAN RIGHTS due to their CRIMINALITY and the FAILURE of the ENGLISH Authorities to recognise or ADMIT to THEIR CRIMES which further compounds the DAMAGE DONE.

There is ‘No Justice within Abuse’ and the ‘Public are getting Smarter’ (Not Stupid but Aware) so it is a question of ‘Time’ before these ‘Authorities are brought to Justice’ – “the clock ticks steadily onwards”.

Christopher © 10/11/12

In this Negative (-) reality
A Black flame burns
Within a Bloody Red World
It burns with Intent

Christopher © 2012 (All Rights Reserved)


In preparation for war: I would willingly take a hundred years to plan my retaliatory attack; I would leave nothing to chance since I would prepare for both the unexpected and the intended by conceiving the possibility of impossibilities.

Understand: that the concept of war is not necessarily about winning it is to totally crush thereby destroy your enemy; within this action I would gladly deliver into the hands of my Enemy all the ammunition they would ever wish to acquire then use against me ‘wisdom within the argument’.

Here through this action there is understanding: since through that gift I will gain control over my Enemy thus limiting and minimizing the damage done to me by them, however they have no such control and no such assurances.
‘An Enemy is only as powerful as you make them’.

Control the action by directing your enemy ‘moment by moment’ to where you want them to be: within this recognise that any action you are prepared for has no power since it is expected. Any action which is perceived and that was outside your control is also expected therefore it was strategized into existence (you planned and prepared for it); it was predicted since you conceived of the possibility therefore it was intended to happen – ‘an anticipated action relates to a calculated reaction’.

Only fear what you cannot envisage: since that is your failure ‘Do Not Act upon the Spur of the Moment’ – ‘Take your Time’ then and only when ‘You’ are ready ‘Attack’ with ‘Equal Deliberate Intent’. Do not delude yourself with ambitions of winning and refrain from being the Perpetrator make this a Retaliatory Action – (Become an Icy Cold Intellect) – measure the depth of your enemies ‘Callousness’ and ‘Indifference’ to both you and others find their ‘Other Victims’ and you find their ‘Enemies’ thereby ‘Allies’ within this ‘Your Response’ will be Magnified (+).

Time: This is not an issue, take your Time and plan with great detail every conceivable action and/or inaction, know your enemy since ‘Readiness is Preparation’ whilst ‘In Loss cost your Enemy Everything – Your Defeat is their End’ – Understand them via their every move every thought and every gesture – Know them like you know yourself and be Truthful within this since strategy should be related as a Matter of Fact.

Draw out your enemy: Place him where you want him to be; do not be distracted by his decoys, ploys or persuasions ‘Control the Moment’ – I would stand in the Heart of Hell myself as bait if I could draw my enemy to that place of my choosing since that sacrifice pales in comparison and against the object of my stratagem which is not only to defeat mine enemy it is to Quash mine Enemy – The point of Justice is to exact Punishment and the object of Retaliation is to exact Revenge – if you have been unfairly attacked then remember your suffering, use it since it is a Strength – “I am Determined through Pain”.

“This sword was forged in Hells Fire and I keep it Sharp”.

1.      Only a fool insights war since all wars cost

2.      If you are the victim of an unprovoked attack then realise that the attack was deliberate.

3.      Do not respond to the attack upon your Enemies terms – become clinical within this that your response becomes Poignant.

4.      Deliberate your attack carefully – control each moment as you control their each and every action (study them well for detail is everything) – Know that Beast by their Every Move and Gesture.

5.      The object of Strategy is to destroy your Enemy and is not necessarily about Winning – Show No Mercy since your Response is a Reaction to an Attack therefore a Provocation for and within this your Enemies Action was both Cold and Deliberate.

6.      Do not delude or deceive yourself with ambitions of winning since it is Not the Object – plan to lose by the worst scenario because within this you will find wisdom – Your End is their Defeat – leave nothing to Chance (there is wisdom here) “understand the Worst Scenario then build upon it”.

7.      The object of Revenge is to win ‘Justice’ but that concept of Justice cannot remove the Crime, Pain or Suffering and Compensation means nothing to the ‘Just Victim’.

8.      Strategy is not about winning it is about Defeating your Enemy by any means necessary and at any cost, this to include the sacrifice of you yourself since that price is irrelevant against the object which is to ‘Destroy your Enemy’.
9.      Come that decisive moment within the battle leave your enemy with nothing not even a breath of air, express no mercy since you are standing there as a Response to an Unprovoked Attack – fix your mindset cold and clinical within the intention.

10. Clearly I am mine own sword - “Cold is the heart that Fixes my Mind – Resolute and Unmoving”.
11. Mine Enemies Rules mean Nothing to me – bonds of SLAVERY

12. His rules and regulations serve as my Chains of Bondage inhibiting and restricting me from applying for justice whilst allowing him to control my suffering and each moment thereby limiting the extent of my action and through this control of law I am enslaved. Understanding this fundamental point changes everything since it ‘Frees my hands and frees my Mind’ as to release thereby ‘Control my Body, my Destiny and this Futures Outcome’.

13. Envisage what is Possible then envisage what is Not Possible; now realise that what You have Perceived is Prejudiced since it is Perspective and just because You cannot Perceive something as being either Possible or Not that does not mean to say your Enemy perceives something in the same way – Re-evaluate your considerations – apply your mind to understanding this state.

14. “I am War” – I did not ask to be here however here I am forged in Fire – there is purpose in this.

15. Psychology – Fix this thought within your mind: ‘RETALITORY therefore JUSTICE’.

16. Strength – my greatest strength is also my greatest weakness and ‘vice versa’ (I have two hands but my weak hand is my strength) within this my best hand is hidden and ‘What you See is not necessarily what you Get’.

17. Planning – Time is a temporal state – rush nothing when planning a stratagem – plenty of time (you have a life time) and don’t be afraid to take longer since your descendants can deliver the message for you – Justice has no limits or bonds – you can take forever – (Justice is a Bitter Pill).
18. Pre-Action – do not be afraid to test your planning nor to amend it as required – no plan is flawless until it has been tested again and again – Time is not an issue here.

19. Action – You have strategized and prepared for every contingency even those other strategists would have dismiss, you have exhaustively scrutinized your plan (testing it as required) - now Commit Yourself without Hesitation nor Reservation and Fear Nothing.

20. Commitment – Show No Mercy whilst remembering that Your Enemy expressed None; ‘Cold is the Heart which Fixes your Mind Resolute and Unmoving’.
21. Done!
“Walk away without a second thought; never look back since they (Your Enemy) are unworthy of consideration”.

Christopher © 2012 (All Rights Reserved)